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Please click here for the curriculum pages of the school website which provide extensive information on our curriculum provision, content and approach. 

Curriculum Digest Documents

The following documents are published for parents:

Learning Support

Please click here for the Learning Support page of the school website which puts our approach in context.

Pupil Premium Strategy 

We use a Pupil Premium Plan to focus and track the impact of our pupil premium spending. 

 The Pupil Premium Plan for 2016-17 contains: 

  • Details of how the pupil premium was spent in the previous academic year 
  • A summary of the main barriers to achievement faced by eligible pupils 
  • The impact of the previous year’s expenditure: this review of spend will be complete by the end of September 2017 

 The Pupil Premium Plan for 2017-18 contains: 

  • Amount of pupil premium allocation for the current year 
  • A summary of the main barriers to achievement faced by eligible pupils 
  • How the grant will be spent to address those barriers and the reasoning behind this strategy 
  • How the impact will be measured 
  • The date of the next review of the pupil premium strategy 

 You will see that the pupil premium spend for 2017-18 is closely linked to measurement of the impact of the 2016-17 spend. 

 The following documents also provide further details: 

The pupil premium research document provides details of some of the research that has informed our thinking. 

School Policies

Please click here for the school policies page of our website which provides links to the key policies for publication.  In addition:

 More information

Exclusions Report September 2018