Careers – Year 11 focus

Year 11 Mock Interviews

On 25th October 2016, Year 11 students will complete a face-to-face, competency based interview with an external business volunteer. The interviews have always proved to be very successful and make a lasting impact on our students.

We have emphasised the importance of students having a high quality CV and letter of introduction. They will complete their own cover e-mail and CVs in school. These must be sent to the interviewer from their school e-mail account.

Information, advice and guidance (IAG)

For two or three days per week, Wilmslow High School employs a careers advisor, Dr Anne Rowe, through Changing Education. Following national changes to the funding of careers advice to young people aged 13-18, this represents a change to previous arrangements. We recognise that Year 11 students are at a key transitional phase and endeavour to ensure that all students who require information, advice or guidance receive an appointment with Dr Rowe.

Should you wish to request careers guidance, please contact Mr P Jones, Careers Coordinator:

To supplement our provision of careers guidance, all students aged 13+ and parents can speak with a careers advisor online or through web chat via the government’s all-age, online career advice hub, the National Careers Service, Equally, this site offers other free services such as a skills diagnostic tool, advice on how to find and apply for jobs or apprenticeships, a CV builder and information on how to apply for funding.

Post-16 options

Our careers programme for Year 11 students includes two information events that parents may wish to attend:

  • Sixth Form Opportunities at Wilmslow High School evening – 27th October 2016

Students interested in joining the sixth form might particularly benefit from reading the following advice sheet: Six things you need to know before making your A Level choices

  • Post 16 Careers Fair – Tuesday, 15th November

At this event there will be representatives from all local FE Colleges and other post-16 opportunities providers such as the Armed Services. Also, there will be four spotlight talks on 1) Labour Market Information 2) Apprenticeships 3) FE Colleges 4) Army Foundation College