Barclays as a Community Achievement Partner

Every year we receive a huge amount of support from Barclays for our careers education programme by way of volunteers coming into school to interview our Year 11 students and to talk to our Year 7 and Year 12 students about careers in banking.

During the autumn term 2013 students in Year 9 have been given the opportunity to participate in the Barclays Technology Innovation Programme 2013.  Aimed at students with a particular interest in Technology, ICT or Business Studies, this programme will enable students to develop ideas and to recommend technological solutions to solve real issues. This will take place over the course of 6 weeks in project teams under the guidance of a mentor from Barclays.  To see the YouTube launch webcast please click here.

Barclays have also recently launched a fantastic careers education programme of study called ‘Barclays Lifeskills’ which has now been used to supplement our PHSCE lessons for Year 11 students on CV and letter writing.