Family Information Sessions

Family information session resources:

Once every half term, a family information session will take place at the High School for any interested parents.  Any related resources or useful information will be posted on this page.

Session 1: internet safety
Session 2: Parenting with Character (The 7 parenting tips)

Session 2: Drug Awareness

PCSO Jane Commins provided an insight into drugs and legal highs including signs that your child may have used drugs.  A useful resource for further information can be found here

With selfie’s being such a prolific part of social media today, it’s important that you talk to your children about what’s safe to share. Posting snaps of themselves with people, in places, or doing stuff they care about can feel like a great way to show family and friends what they’ve been up to. But once a picture has been sent, it’s out of their control… anyone could save it and put it online. Young people need to think carefully about their reasons for sharing an image and whether they’re happy for it to be seen by everybody before they click ‘send’.

With the rise of the selfie has come growing concern about young people taking and sharing revealing photos or videos – you’ve probably seen this referred to in the media as ‘sexting’. This is risky behaviour for anyone, but especially for youngsters…  More information can be found here