Key Stage 3

08-0012What curriculum do Key Stage 3 students experience?

Our curriculum for Years 7, 8 and 9 is broad and balanced during which students develop their learning skills across all subjects. Our curriculum teams offer learning programmes that meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and ensure that students of all abilities are provided with challenging opportunities to maximise their potential.

The curriculum is organised into four main areas of learning.

Curriculum Organiser Subjects Timetabled lessons in core school day unless stated otherwise
Individual Development P.E.
 PHSCE is taught through the Tutorial Programme and Theme Days
Multiliteracies English
Modern Foreign Languages
In Years 8 & 9 there are additional optional MFL lessons available either pre- or post-core day.In Year 9 ICT does not have timetabled lessons during the core day.  See the Year 9 Curriculum Digest for details of how students continue to develop these skills.
Global Communities Geography
Religious Education
Business Studies and Enterprise
During KS3 Business Studies and Enterprise is taught through the PHSCE Programme
Empiric Enquiry Science
Design and Technology


In Year 7 most students are taught in mixed ability groups although there is some grouping by ability in English, Mathematics, MFL, Science and PE.

Students in Year 7 will be studying both German or French. They will be initially grouped according to their KS2 English scores with the opportunity for a review at Christmas based on their performance in MFL from the beginning of the year.

The Design and Technology programme ensures that all students gain experience in Design and Technology multi-media areas and workshops and Food and Textile Technology rooms. Students develop skills in a discrete ICT lesson in Years 7 and 8 which are then applied across the curriculum with each subject area taking responsibility for developing further specific skills. Students are assessed centrally for their ICT capability.

From Year 8 students are increasingly grouped according to ability. Within each subject we identify the appropriate level of work for each individual student and make every effort to ensure that a student reaches as high a level of attainment as he or she can achieve.

During the Summer Term of Year 9 students’ attainment at the end of Key Stage 3 in all National Curriculum subjects is recorded by teacher assessments. These are determined by combining the results from standardised coursework style assignments completed throughout Key Stage 3 with performance in each of year examinations. In addition, students are also offered the opportunity to take a number of externally examined qualifications, such as, Functional Skills in English and the GCSE (short course) in Religious Studies.

Students are provided with advice and guidance on how to improve in all their subjects. Some students require further learning support for a range of individual needs, literacy, numeracy and ICT skills as appropriate and their curriculum may be personalised accordingly.

We always aim to develop a student’s talents in order to achieve excellence, for example, music is encouraged and enhanced by external peripatetic instrumental teachers who come to the school to teach singing, strings, woodwind, brass, drums, piano and guitar.

Our extensive educational visits and extra curricular programme supplements and supports students’ studies and encourages them to fulfil their potential and talents. Students are informed each half term of the Sports ‘Xtra’, Arts ‘Xtra’ and other ‘Xtra’ activities available to them.

If any student has difficulty with any aspect of life at school we take action quickly to discover the reason and try to remedy the problem. All staff are keen to ensure the curriculum is engaging, stimulating and challenging with agreed targets achievable for students in a supportive and caring atmosphere

Curriculum Digests – Key Stage 3

The Curriculum Digests for Years 7 – 9 are organised so that the information on each subject responds to the following key questions:

  • What are we aiming to achieve?
  • What is the programme of learning?
  • How can homework support this learning?
  • What resources can support this learning?
  • What extra opportunities to learn are there?
  • How are students grouped?
  • How do we assess progress?
  • What websites do we recommend?

Parents of students new to the school receive a printed copy of the relevant Curriculum Digest during the induction period.

Parents of students moving into Year 8 or Year 9 who have easy access to the internet are asked to download the Curriculum Digest relevant to them by clicking on the link below. However, if you would prefer to receive a printed copy please contact Mrs Bazley, the Headteacher’s Personal Assistant, and she will arrange to send one in the post.

Year 7 Curriculum Digest 2013-2014

Year 8 Curriculum Digest 2013 – 2014

Year 9 Curriculum Digest 2013 – 2014