‘X-tra’ Curricular Programmes

Kenya 3What extra-curricular opportunities can students experience? There is a wide range of activities which provide opportunities to enrich the curriculum. All students are made aware of the opportunities available and encouraged to take part, enabling them to develop their interests, talents and levels of responsibility.



Performing Arts Xtra

Please find below a list of the current Xtra timetables available from September:

Performing Arts Xtra January – February 2017

Performing Arts Xtra Sept – Dec 2017

X-tra X-tra

X-tra X-tra timetable Sept – Dec 2016

X-tra X-tra timetable Jan – April 2017

Xtra-Xtra Timetable Sept – Dec 2017

Sports Xtra

Wilmslow High School is committed to raising standards of achievement across all areas of activity and for all students across the ability range through the promotion of Physical Education, Sport and healthy lifestyles. All students are of equal value and the concept of personalised learning through challenging and engaging activities is fundamental to our ethos.

We work in partnership with the local community to promote inclusion and overcome disadvantage by guaranteeing access to extensive opportunities for all to participate in physical activity and community sport.

Our Physical Education curriculum is reinforced with an extensive out of school hours learning programme that we refer to as “Sport Xtra”. This programme includes a full range of competitive sports such as rugby, netball, football, hockey, cricket, tennis, trampolining and athletics. We are rightly proud of the progress made over the last few years not only in providing an outstanding level of opportunity for students of all abilities to experience an activity of their choice, but also producing teams and individual performers who can be successful at district and national levels. Our Sports Xtra programme aims to provide something for everyone, regardless of ability.  Gymnastics, and “Active 1” club all prove extremely popular with students, while many students take advantage of our Fitness Suite throughout the week to work on their personal fitness.

To download the current version of the Sports Xtra programme please click on the link below:

Sports Xtra Jan – April 2017

Sports Xtra April – July 2017

Sports Xtra Sept – Dec 2017

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