Wider Curriculum

Wider Curriculum

The eight strands of the Wider Curriculum at Wilmslow High School are designed to complement the subject-based content of the Formal Curriculum in order to provide every student with experiences and opportunities during the school day and beyond that will help them develop as young people of character.



  Wider Curriculum Components Headline catch-all Objectives



‘Embrace the outdoors challenge’

  • To coordinate all ‘outward bound’ and ‘expeditionary’ activities
  • Promote outdoor challenges available to students in every year group
  • Explore qualifications that are available
  • D of E lead


Leadership and Service

‘Be a role model and empower others’

  • Limited to activity in school only, or linked to school (not community activity)
  • To develop the principle of ‘every child a leader’ to develop all students’ leadership skills in both the classroom and prepare their skills for use the wider community
  • Ensure that all students have meaningful opportunities to lead and serve others (volunteer) with the promotion of an age specific ‘Leadership Ladder’
  • Peer mentor programme included
  • Games Makers programme incorporated



‘Get involved and broaden your horizons!’

  • To ensure that every child is engaged in a meaningful extra-curricular programme.
  • To ensure that all students have opportunities to learn outside of the classroom.
  • To ensure a coordinated and balanced programme of both extra-curricular activities and educational visits.



‘Speak and listen with confidence’

  • To develop students’ skills of literacy and oracy.
  • To ensure that every child is a capable communicator in both the written and the spoken word
  • Public speaking opportunities



‘Be a responsible, caring and contributing citizen’

  • To develop students’ political literacy and understanding the role of government and the law.
  • To develop knowledge of the local community and be aware of weekly topical events at a local and global level
  • Social action activities
  • Volunteering opportunities in the community



‘Develop knowledge and demonstrate empathy and respect

  • To ensure that all students are aware of what is required for healthy and happy relationships.
  • To ensure that all students are able to develop values of empathy and respect



‘Do more, be more, aim higher’

  • To ensure that all students have an aspiration for life after WHS and a clear understanding of how they can move towards this.
  • To ensure the provision of meaningful engagement with professionals from outside of school in an age appropriate way.
  • To ensure that all students are ready for their next stage of education and employment.



‘Strengthen your heart, head, hands and health’

  • To develop students emotional, behavioural, social and health wellbeing.
  • To ensure that students are knowledgeable about issues around their own health and safety in the ‘real world’ and online.