Wider Curriculum

At Wilmslow High School we believe in offering our students a deep, broad and balanced ‘whole’ curriculum that will allow them to have a wide range of academic, creative, practical, sporting and character-building experiences.

We do this through the wider curriculum programme that we offer which includes the following eight strands:

Expedition Leadership and Service Community Xtra
Wellbeing Communication Respect Aspirations

We have designed our whole curriculum to help our students to develop as:


Safe and healthy
decision makers
Ambitious and
independant learners
Confident leaders
Empathetic thinkers Knowledgeable and
responsible citizens
Active participants Resilient and courageous
team players

The Wider Curriculum at Wilmslow High School

To ensure that each and every one of our students gets a complete educational experience, the Wider Curriculum is a substantial and vital part of the Whole Education of our students at Wilmslow High School. The Wider Curriculum involves activities and learning experiences that take place beyond the formal curriculum of subjects that are taught, and in many cases it takes place outside the classroom, and sometimes beyond the school. We see this area of the Whole Curriculum as being an essential part of every student’s learning entitlement, offering to all our young people the opportunity to learn about life in its broadest context: its challenges and opportunities, and how to respond it its successes and occasional disappointments. Our emphasis on the Wider Curriculum indicates the importance that we place on extra-curricular and personal development activities within the ethos of our school, and the importance of achieving the right balance between academic focus and the development of wider knowledge, skills and qualities. The Wider Curriculum model on page 6 is made up of 8 components. Each component represents a variety of wider learning opportunities that can be accessed during and outside the school day. These opportunities will be advertised and promoted by form tutors and teachers. We expect each and every one of our students to take an active role and to develop their skills, knowledge and qualities in every component.