Leadership and Service

‘Be a role model and empower others’ 

Wilmslow High School is a community in which ‘striving to serve’ is an important part of our values; therefore we offer our students a number of opportunities to develop as leaders, including our Student Council in lower school and our Sixth Form leadership group.

Contact: Mr H Williams


The comments below give you a flavour of what our students can expect from the leadership opportunities that we offer.

‘All students, from years 7 to 11, are able to be a part of the School Council, which takes an active role in giving the senior leadership team feedback on the school from a students perspective, with active responses. With regular meetings and opportunities to express opinions and support changes made by the school, it offers an insight into the functions of the school behind the scenes and a chance to put forth ideas of our own. From interactions with the community, the student website, facilities and our canteen, students are given a voice and responsibility, which they thrive under, contributing to many noticeable changes within the school environment, and a more efficient environment- not only for themselves- but for future Wilmslow High students.’
Grace Wilson – Year 11, Student Council

‘Student Leadership at Sixth Form builds upon the great opportunities available in the lower school. There are a variety of posts available which give students the chance to really have an impact on decision made on a school-wide level. We are able to ensure that students are always considered when changes are made and are given a key role in shaping both Sixth Form and whole school policy. The experience allows us to ready ourselves for University and gives us a chance to practise leadership in a supportive environment. Other opportunities such as being part of the ‘Leavers’ Ball Committee’ give other students a chance to lead. A large number of Sixth Form students get involved in leadership during their time at Wilmslow High School and are able to leave with a wealth of skills under their belt as a consequence.’
Joe McBride – Head Boy