‘Develop knowledge and demonstrate empathy and respect’


Wilmslow High School is a community that is ‘guided by values’; therefore the development of a strong sense of moral purpose in each of our students as ‘young people of character’ is important to us and forms a key component in our Wider Curriculum.

Contact: Mr T Munro

Religious, Moral and Ethical Education
The exploration of, and reflection upon, personal beliefs and those of others both in school and elsewhere in the world is perhaps most extensive in the Key Stage 3 Curriculum, where students experience the full breadth of the National Curriculum and RE Locally Agreed Syllabus. The Religious Studies course is inclusive and sets out to address issues such as ignorance and prejudice.

The 6 major world faiths are studied so that students understand the beliefs of others. A multi-faith approach is adopted and inspirational leaders are studied that cut across the barriers of geography, race, colour and creed.

In Years 10 and 11, Religious Education is included in the Wider Curriculum programme.

Additionally all areas of the curriculum contribute to encourage students to think about their our values and attitudes, for example, drama related to real life issues of abuse, discrimination and prejudice, Holocaust related studies in history, ethical and moral responsibility are tackled through world issues such as the environment in geography.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from the Religious Education element of the curriculum, including assemblies and should contact the relevant Head of House in the first instance school to discuss the matter.