Student Leadership

Team Small FileSixth Form Leadership Model

The Sixth Form Leadership Model comprises a Head Girl and Head Boy and four Deputies.

The Deputies line manage a group of fourteen Senior Prefects who have different responsibilities ranging from Anti Bullying to Inclusion as shown in the diagram below.

The Senior Prefects coordinate programmes and manage a large team of peer mentors who offer support for the students from the students.

More detailed job descriptions for each role can be provided on request.

The Head Boy and Head Girl also lead the School Council and the SMC.


Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Leadership Model

In years 7-11 a male and female Form Ambassador will be nominated by the form tutor from every tutor group. This will give leadership opportunities for 20 students in each year group.

One of the Year 11 male and female form ambassadors will be invited to be House Captain by each Head of House. They will lead the team of House Form Ambassadors.

School Council representatives will be elected from the Form Ambassadors by the students following the usual election process. This will mean that the School Council Representative will report back to the rest of the Form Ambassadors who will disseminate information to their tutor group.

Form Ambassadors will stay in post for the full year and will meet once a fortnight with the House Captains.

Norcliffe House Captains and Ambassadors as an example for next year would be as follows:

Year 11 Male House Captain         Year 11 Female House Captain

 Year 7 Form Ambassadors x6 (1x school council rep)

Year 8 Form Ambassadors x4 (1x school council rep)

Year 9 Form Ambassadors x6 (1x school council rep)

Year 10 Form Ambassadors x4 (1x school council rep)

Year 11 Form Ambassadors x6 (1x school council rep)