Meet the team

Mr J Duffy (Head of House), Mrs S Williams (Student Manager), Miss E Benson, Mrs M Hussain, Mrs L May, Mr D Wilkinson, Ms J Goddard, Miss V Littler, Mr M Hulse, Mr R Allgood, Miss K Yates, Mr W Royle, Mrs J McHarg, Mr P Sugathan

History of Thorngrove

Thorngrove County High School which was up to then the Hough Secondary Modern School for Boys, which opened in 1965 on Thorngrove Road – on land now occupied by the A34 bypass. The girls’ grammar school became Dean Row High School. All schools closed, leaving Wilmslow the one high school.  It was known as Harefield County High School when it became a sixth form-entry comprehensive in 1978, gradually becoming comprehensive year by year.  In the mid-1980s it became Wilmslow County High School, then Wilmslow High School in 1991.

On opening of the new high school it was decided that the school would implement a House system. As such, four houses were formed and the names of each respective house were selected from relevant local landmarks and historical places of interest to the town.

Each house has an associated colour linked with it – Thorngrove is ‘green’. All students therefore can be identified by the green stripe on their tie which they wear with pride.


Thorngrove is led by the Head of House, Mr J Duffy and Mrs S Williams is the Student Manager. They are supported by a committed team of form tutors.  Within Thorngrove, every student really does matter and we promote a supportive team ethos which is conducive to both the progress and development of all. There is a strong culture of belonging and a clear sense of house identity.  As a team we strongly believe that being approachable is fundamental to a students` happiness in school.


Student Success

  • Achievement Points
  • Fortnightly form success cup/certificate
  • Attendance award
  • Student of the term
  • Harris cup
  • Badges
  • WW

House Charity

The Little Princess Trust

 Thorngrove have chosen `The Little Princess Trust` for this year`s charity appeal.  This charity supports children with cancer who lose their hair with their treatment. The Little Princess Trust make wigs for children in order to support them and hopefully take some of the distress of their new appearance away

This charity appealed to our students because they have seen friends and peers go through the traumatic challenge that cancer alone brings. The wigs are expensive and time consuming to make, but our students understand how important they are to sick children and they are committed to raising money to help make a difference


Charity efforts from tutor groups