What is the IQM?

The Inclusion Quality Mark is an independent reviewing body that assesses schools on their Inclusive practice. Assessors visit the school and evaluate the wellbeing and progress of students, as well as the engagement of staff, governors and the local community, before awarding a designation. In 2015, Wilmslow High School was awarded the IQM’s ‘Flagship School’ award for its outstanding practice across each of the following areas:

Element 1: The Inclusion Values and Practice of the School

Element 2: The Learning Environment, Resources and ICT

Element 3: Learner Attitudes, Values and Personal Development

Element 4: Learner Progress and the Impact on Learning

Element 5: Learning and Teaching

Element 6: Parents, Carers and Guardians

Element 7: Governing Body and Management: External Accountability/Support

Element 8: The School in the Community


For more information from the IQM website, click here.

These criteria extend the Ofsted inspection framework to ensure that; all stakeholders have a say in the operation of the school; that the school is well equipped for all that use it and that students are encouraged, valued and supported in ways that extend beyond the core curriculum.

Wilmslow High School is a leader in promoting the ‘Every Child Matters’ (ECM) agenda and consequently received glowing feedback at its last assessment. In the words of Frank Havard, in his previous executive summary letter to the Headteacher,

“Wilmslow High School is outstanding in its inclusion policy and practice. Despite the school hosting over two thousand students it is able, due to its inclusion focus and the professionalism of its staff, to deliver bespoke provision for every student in its care. Inclusivity permeates throughout the organisation and is the bedrock of the school’s ethos.”

The IQM provides a framework for the further development of the school and it is the vision of the school to play a central role in the sharing of Inclusive practice across other schools and learning facilities in the area and nationally. As school prepares for its 2015 inspection, some of the key developments include:

  • Liaison with schools in the local partnership to extend our enrichment and alternate provision programmes yet further

Head of Inclusion speaking at the Capital National Conference on ‘Engaging Students and Providing High Quality Teaching and Learning’