Careers – Year 11 focus

Year 11 Mock Interviews

Each year, Year 11 students complete a face-to-face, competency based interviews with an external business volunteer. These interviews have always proved to be very successful and make a lasting impact on our students.

We have emphasised the importance of students having a high quality CV and letter of introduction. They will complete their own cover e-mail and CVs in school. These must be sent to the interviewer from their school e-mail account.

Here is a video from the Mock Interviews in 2017:

Information, advice and guidance (IAG)

For two days per week, Wilmslow High School employs a careers advisor, Dr Anne Rowe, through Changing Education. Should you wish to request careers guidance, please contact Mr P Jones, Careers Leader:

Post-16 options

Our careers programme for Year 11 students includes two information events that parents may wish to attend:

  • Sixth Form Opportunities at Wilmslow High School evening

Students interested in joining the sixth form might particularly benefit from reading the following advice sheet: Six things you need to know before making your A Level choices

  • Opportunities Fair

At this event there will be representatives from all local FE Colleges and other post-16 opportunities providers such as the Armed Services, as well as a wide range of apprenticeship providers from the local area.