Aims and Objectives

At Wilmslow High School, we aim to instil in students a love of all aspects of English Language and Literature. Speaking and listening skills are nurtured as we believe that the ability to express themselves effectively in a wide range of situations is essential skill for life. All pupils are encouraged to act as writers and to regard writing as a source of pleasure. We promote the enjoyment of reading in all its forms, encouraging students to perceive reading as an active quest for meaning and as means for inspiration.

Facilities and Resources

The team consists of dedicated and well-qualified English specialists, each of whom possess unrivalled expertise. The team work collaboratively to share best practice, fostering creativity and a ensuring a safe learning environment for the students.

The development of ICT in English teaching has been a primary focus: the department now boasts the very latest in facilities, with every classroom being equipped with a computer, projector and interactive whiteboard. There are two dedicated ICT suites within the English team where students are encouraged to develop independent research skills and to appreciate the possibilities offered by innovative forms of communication.

The team possesses a broad spectrum of texts, ranging from classic literature to contemporary authors. These texts are updated regularly with new titles to ensure that students are engaging with as wide a range of stimuli as possible.


At KS3, the English experience is designed to enrich and extend students’ understanding and effective use of language, both spoken and written. We seek to provide students with an exciting variety of opportunities to use spoken and written English in both real and imagined situations.

The core of the year’s work is organised into six specific areas of study, each of which has a different focus. These include: the novel, the play, narrative writing, media, writing for specific purposes and poetry. Each unit culminates with an assessed piece of work in order to monitor each individual student’s progress across the year.

We believe it is crucial that students develop a genuine interest in the subject and therefore actively promote reading through regular lessons in our exceptional library and with the Reading School initiative.