Facilities and Resources

The geography curriculum team is a dynamic and progressive one and operates from a well-equipped suite of 5 purpose built classrooms and 2 offices. The team has created a superb positive working environment with excellent displays within both the classrooms, adjacent corridors and approaching communal areas.


The geography curriculum team is an experienced and well-established team of 5 geography specialists who adopt a wide variety of innovative teaching and learning styles to promote active learning. This is achieved using different media, photographs, video, role-play, simulation, decision-making and problem solving exercises.

Overall Aims and Objectives

At one time the value of geography was little more than storing in the minds of students facts of a certain type, some of which might prove useful, many of which would not.

Today, knowledge of geography produces greater international understanding and goodwill as well as a clear understanding of the way the world works and the problems it faces. Never before has geography had a more important role in the all round education of students.

“Geography, is the subject which holds the key to the future” Michael Palin

Within all that is geography and at all levels, we aim to give students:

  • The people/environment link – an understanding of the relationships, patterns which exist
  • The spatial element – an understanding of the spatial nature of  relationships and processes.
  • The skills – a range of skills which can be used to study, investigate and understand geography.
  • The one planet – an appreciation and tolerance of the other people and the environment.
  • The fun – to stimulate and develop a lasting interest and enthusiasm in the subject.

KS3/KS4/Sixth Form

Geography is an extremely popular subject throughout all the key stages and into the sixth form. At GCSE students study the WJEC specification B. At AS/A2 students study the AQA exam board

Educational Visits/Extra-curricular Activities

Fieldwork is a key element of Geography at Wilmslow High with opportunities to visit our case study areas for example Castleton in Year 10 and Wales in Year 12.

What makes us different?

The team prides itself on the quality of its teaching and learning. In the team’s classrooms there is a calm, supportive working atmosphere supported by a strong system of rewards and incentives such as the Geography postcards which are sent home to parents for outstanding effort and/or achievements in the subject, as well as regular contact through text messages and phone calls.

With growing interest in issues such as climate change, migration, flooding and sustainable sources of energy, geography is one of the most relevant courses you could choose to study.  Our geography team continuously updates and reviews lessons to reflect the dynamic nature of the subject.

Geography will give you the opportunity to find out about many aspects of change on our planet, a knowledge base that will inform the rest of your life.