Staff and facilities

The history team at Wilmslow High School consists of five full time members of staff and two part time teachers.  All staff within the team are subject specialists who are committed to the very highest standards of teaching with an emphasis on making the subject interesting and relevant to all. Since 2004 the team has been located in the pavilion building with 5 dedicated History classrooms. This includes an ICT suite which all students have access to. In Years 7 to 9 two fifty minute periods of History a week are taught. Students in Years 10 to 11 receive three fifty minute periods and Advanced Level groups receive six.


All lessons are taught in mixed ability groups with fully differentiated resources to ensure that the needs of all students are met.  We recognise the importance of incorporating a variety of teaching and learning styles into the curriculum that encourage students to be well-motivated and enthusiastic participants in their History lessons.   At Wilmslow High School students can expect to take part in a range of activities such as paired work discussion, team debates, artefact handling and ICT tasks. Students also complete regular written assessments to monitor their progress carefully throughout the year.

In Key Stage 3 students follow the National Curriculum studying the following topics:

  • Roman Britain
  • Medieval Realms
  • Britain 1500 – 1900
  • Black people of the Americas
  • The Twentieth Century World

Throughout Key Stage 3 there are strong links to elements of local history to enhance students’ understanding of the relevance of the subject to their own lives. The subject continues to be a popular choice for students selecting their GCSE courses.

In Key Stage 4 students follow the AQA Modern World syllabus. This includes the following topics:

  • The causes of the First World War
  • Germany  1929-1939
  • USA  1919–1929
  • The Vietnam War 1954 – 1975

In addition to the written exam at the end of the course, students complete two pieces of Controlled Assessment on Britain and War.

The team offers a choice of AS and A2 courses with groups following either a sixteenth or twentieth century British and European course with AQA. Examination results are well above the national average at all Key Stages.

Additional learning opportunities

Weekly study support sessions are held after school where students are welcome to attend and receive extra guidance on homework tasks. The team also has a thriving historical fiction club which meets monthly for discussion and debate on a range of texts. Sixth Form students can volunteer to become History Ambassadors who provide a vital link between the team and local primary schools. They also organise a History club for younger students.

All members of the History team recognise the importance and educational value of visits to relevant historical sites. All students in year 8 visit Quarry Bank Mill to study the impact of the industrial revolution on the local community. In year 9 students can participate in a workshop and tour of the Imperial War Museum North. Every year the team organises a tour of the World War One Battlefields in France and Belgium for those students studying GCSE History. In the Sixth Form, trips to Russia and Washington run on alternate years.

The team is very proud of its consistently high exam results and the popularity of the subject among students. All staff consistently provide engaging lessons that provide students with the opportunity to develop their historical understanding and enjoyment of learning.