Learning Support

Students with special educational needs at Wilmslow High School will initially have their needs assessed by the Learning Support Team. These needs will be met in as inclusive an environment as possible. The Learning Support Team consists of a large team of support assistants and teachers, currently comprising  42 people.

The Learning Support team is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the SEN policy. It co-ordinates the extra support and provision for students with statements as well as the provision for students at school action and school action plus. The school also has additional resourced provision for both autistic spectrum disorder and hearing impairment.

The Learning Support team offers a range of services throughout the school, covering all departments, as well as more specialised support in the learning support base. Central to these services is the belief that Learning Support is seen as a whole school commitment involving every member of staff. The range of services offered include: –

  • Deployment of Learning Support assistants (LSAs) within school to support individual and group needs
  • Provision and delivery of small group sessions to aid further development in literacy, numeracy, language and social skills for selected students
  • Provision and delivery of individual programmes for selected students
  • Homework club each evening after school (3.15 – 4.15 pm)
  • Advice on SEN issues within school including differentiation
  • INSET for staff
  • Liaison with staff regarding SEN
  • Involvement of outside agencies such as speech and language therapy and English as an additional language

The overall aim of the Learning Support is for each student to realise his/her potential within an enriched, inclusive community. We aim to achieve this by providing a graduated response for students with SEN which includes a wide range of strategies and a continuum of provision.

Parents wanting further information are invited to contact the team leader of Learning Support at the school.