Wider Curriculum

The Wider Curriculum includes all of the additional activities, events and visits that we encourage students to take part in outside of lessons, as well as PHSCE related learning about staying safe and preparing for life in modern Britain, all which are grouped under 8 headings: Wellbeing, Community, Aspirations, REspect, X-tra, Expedition, Leadership and Service and Communication and Enquiry.  This includes important enriching opportunities that enhance our students’ personal development, encouraging them to perform with PRIDE in the pursuit of excellence.

Wellbeing: ‘Strengthen your head, heart, hands and health’: To promote and support students’ development of social, emotional, mental and physical health and wellbeing so that they can make informed and safe decisions and lead happy and healthy lives.

Respect: ‘Develop knowledge, empathy and respect’: To teach students to think and act in a positive way about themselves and others, showing others that they are tolerant, interested in who they are, what they believe in and that they care about their feelings.

Community: ‘ Be a responsible, caring and contributing citizen’: To give students the knowledge and skills to understand, challenge and engage with the main pillars of our democracy and encourage them to take an active interest in exploring British Values, the community, and supporting others less fortunate in the local and global community.

Aspirations: ‘do more, be more and aim higher’: To prepare students with the appropriate skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about their next stage of education and work and to value their learning.

Expedition: ‘Embrace the outdoor challenge’: To promote the benefits to students of taking part in outdoor activities, offer appropriate school led activities and signpost other expedition based opportunities.

Communication and Enquiry: ‘Ask questions, speak, listen and read with confidence’: To develop students’ speaking, listening and reading skills, raising the importance of and embedding the use of oracy skills in and outside of the classroom.

X-tra: ‘get involved and broaden your horizons’: To promote the benefits of students taking part in competitive and non-competitive extra-curricular activities including educational trips and visits. We encourage all students to get involved in our Xtra programme and have a very wide range of activities available. Details of these can be found here

Leadership and Service: ‘be a role model and empower others’: To encourage students to take on roles of responsibility in school in and outside the classroom, to be custodians of what is right and what is good, putting others needs first.

Year 8 Wider Curriculum Challenge Booklet

Year 6 Wider Curriculum Challenge Transition Booklet 2020

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