What is our curriculum intent?

Our intent is to enable all students to become subject experts by developing across our ‘Big Ideas’.

The Key Stage 3 Drama curriculum is designed to allow students to develop the skills and qualities required for:

  • Creating
  • Performing
  • Responding

How do we implement our curriculum?

1. Through what we teach, when, as laid out below:

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

  • Unit 1, Key Skills & Techniques: ‘Teechers’ by John Godber
  • Unit 2, Theatrical Genres: Pantomime
  • Unit 3, Approaches to Text: Play Texts by Willy Russell
  • Unit 4, Theatrical Style & Convention: ‘Two’ by Jim Cartwright
  • Unit 5, Devising From Stimulus: Theatre Styles and Practitioners
  • Unit 6, Performance Project: Summer Scripted Drama Project

In order to place their learning into context beyond the classroom, Drama students will:

  • Engage in practical study to learn about the live performance process
  • Develop their knowledge of dramatic conventions and theatrical genres
  • Study and explore a range of play texts by influential playwrights and theatre practitioners
  • Take part in public performances
  • Attend live theatre events

2. Through how we group students

Students are taught Drama in mixed ability groups.

3. Through the homework we set

  • Homework in Drama is designed to develop students’ independent enquiry and intellectual curiosity. Many homework tasks will involve preparation for subsequent lessons or consolidating learning from previous lessons, and we expect students to take responsibility for their learning.
  • Homework tasks will consist of set questions, plot sheets, characterisation cards, research projects, learning lines, learning key vocabulary, evaluation forms and script writing.
  • Parents can support their son or daughter by encouraging them to take advantage of this additional learning time to produce high quality homework.