What is our curriculum intent?

Our intent is to enable all students to become subject experts by developing across our ‘Big Ideas’:

  • Big Idea 1: Knowledge of key concepts
  • Big Idea 2: Description of processes and patterns
  • Big Idea 3: Explanation, application and evaluation
  • Big Idea 4: Analysis and interpretation of geographic data
  • Big Idea 5: Enquiry and map skills

How do we implement our curriculum?

1. Through what we teach, when, as laid out below:

Year 7

  • Autumn Term 1: So where we are
  • Autumn Term 2: Africa
  • Spring Term: Future Floods
  • Summer Term: Introduction to Rio

Year 7 Geography Knowledge Organisers

Year 8

  • Autumn Term1: Ecosystems
  • Autumn Term 2: Urban opportunities and Challenges
  • Spring Term: Cool Geography
  • Summer Term: Tourism

Year 8 Knowledge Organisers

Year 9

  • Autumn Term: Plate tectonics
  • Spring Term: Globalisation and Development
  • Summer Term: UK Physical landscapes- Coasts

Year 9 Geography Knowledge Organisers

2. Through how we group students

Students are taught in mixed ability groups.

3. Through the homework we set

In Geography, most homework’s are based around cumulative assessments which continually assess the ‘big ideas’, within each assessment there is an extended writing section which involves pupils needing to complete independent research. In addition to this, students are also tested on each topic and are expected to revise using their knowledge organisers for these tests as part of their homework.

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