Modern Foreign Languages

What is our curriculum intent?

Our intent is to enable all students to become subject experts by developing across our ‘Big Ideas’:

  • Writing in a different language
  • Reading in a different language
  • Speaking in a different language
  • Listening to a different language
  • Grammar of a different language
  • Cultural awareness of a different country

How do we implement our curriculum?

1. Through what we teach, when, as laid out below:

Most students study French and German in Key Stage 3, however, students also have the opportunity to study Spanish in Years 8 and 9

The Modern Foreign Languages curriculum is a spiral curriculum. The 6 big ideas are covered through a range of topics, which are revisited through Key Stage 3 to build students’ fluency. Examples of topics are listed below

Year 7

  • School and School routine
  • House and home town
  • Celebrities
  • Hobbies
  • Food and Health
  • Holidays
  • Favourite things
  • Music,
  • TV and Film

Year 7 French Language Guide

Year 7 German Language Guide

Year 8

  • Countries
  • Uniform and house
  • Physical description
  • Modal verbs, future tense
  • Adjectives and propositions
  • Opinions, haben/sein

Year 8 French Language Guide

Year 8 German Language Guide

Year 9 – French

  • shopping
  • eating out
  • illness
  • activities – present and past
  • holidays

Year 9 French Language Guide Sept – Jan

Year 9 – German

  • film
  • TV
  • illness
  • activities present and past

Year 9 German Language Guide Sept- Jan

2. Through how we group students

Students are taught in mixed ability groups.

3. Through the homework we set

We set homeworks that help students to build fluency in their language skills by encouraging them to go and practise. These might include:

  • Learning homeworks
  • Grammar exercises
  • Translations
  • Free writing
  • Preparation for tests
  • Preparation for speaking tests
  • Independent study
  • Open ended key tasks to review content

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