What is our curriculum intent?

Our intent is to enable all students to become subject experts by developing across our ‘Big Ideas’:

  • Performing: Developing the technical skills of playing an instrument, both individually and as part of a group. Students will develop skills on the keyboard, ukulele and percussion, whilst learning about musical notation and improvisation.
  • Composing: Creating music: both ‘live’, through singing, on keyboards and ukuleles, and through use of music technology software (Garageband).
  • Listening: Listening to a variety of music as part of each topic, and learning how to identify musical devices and features of particular genres.

How do we implement our curriculum?

In Year 7, all Music lessons take place in the practical music classroom, while in Years 8 and 9, students alternate each half term between music technology projects in the mac suite and projects in the practical music classroom.

1. Through what we teach, when, as laid out below:

Year 7

Year 8

MT=Music Technology Schemes

  • Autumn Term: Remix(MT) & The Blues
  • Spring Term: Minimalism(MT) & Form and Structure
  • Summer Term: Hip Hop(MT) & Samba

Year 9

MT=Music Technology Schemes

  • Autumn Term: Music for Movies(MT) & Reggae
  • Spring Term: Dance Music(MT) & Song Writing
  • Summer Term: Independent Project(MT) & The Beatles

2. Through how we group students

Students are taught in mixed ability groups.