Covid-19: new national restrictions and school life – with effect from 5th November 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Most aspects of school life will remain the same following the introduction of the new national restrictions on Thursday 5th November:

  • The main features set out in the Return to School Guide for Student and Parents remain in place (Year Group Zones, Movement Routes, school day timings, the rules encapsulated by “Hand, Face, Space”).
  • The expectation that children and young people should attend school in order “to support their wellbeing and education and help working parents and guardians”.
  • The role of the school in supporting Public Health Track and Trace operations if an individual that tests positive has had any close contacts in school during the period that they could have been infectious.

However, there are three important updates to practice and procedures:

  1. Travel to and from school
  • The government is seeking to significantly reduce the number of people out and about in the community for the next four weeks.
  • On school days, therefore, we expect students only to be in the community for the purposes of travelling to and from school.
  • At all times they should be observing the national social distancing guidance and not be in groups.
  • If any form of communal transport is used then face coverings must be worn.
  • Quite rightly, our local community will expect young people to be extra thoughtful and responsible in their behaviour when travelling to and from school during this period when the message for most people is that they should stay at home.
  1. Face coverings
  • We have been pleased with how well the students have taken to wearing face coverings during movement time and when in indoor communal areas.
  • Thank you for your support in this – we have not had to issue many face coverings to students who have forgotten them and we would like this to remain the case both for hygiene reasons and the fact it is an additional cost to the school budget.
  • In keeping with the increased national precautions on meeting other safely, we are now going to require students to wear face coverings when queuing for food service whether in High Options, the marquees or by the Kiosk.  Many students already do this and it is now the right time to ensure that all do so, unless they have an arranged exemption.
  1. Extra-curricular activities
  • Given our long-standing commitment to the Wider Curriculum we want to continue with a programme of school-run, after-school activities.  However, we will need to temporarily suspend Sports Xtra from Thursday 5th November in order that we can review the contribution made by external coaches.
  • We understand that additional DfE guidance is pending and this will, hopefully, provide greater clarity than that offered by in the “new national restrictions” information.
  • We will update you on the outcome of this review as soon as possible.


With all best wishes,

J. H. Pulle


Wilmslow High School


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