Message to to Year 11 re change to AAT arrangements for Monday 7th – Wednesday 9th June

As you know, we have tried to plan your Additional Assessment Tasks carefully to provide all our students with the opportunity to demonstrate what you can do.

Fortunately, through the course of the assessments, we have had to make relatively few changes to take account of Covid-related disruption to learning.

We are however, modifying the assessments schedule slightly for the week beginning 7th June (see updated AAT timetable attached).  This moves the final Maths assessment to the morning of Tuesday 8th June and the German listening assessment to the morning of Wednesday 9th June.

We are also requesting that all Year 11 students study from home on Monday 7th June to prevent an in-school Year 11 track and trace impacting on the final assessments.

We recognise that this means that the Year 11 Leavers’ Assemblies will need to be postponed, and the disappointment that this will cause to you, and your form tutors and Heads of House.  However, we are also committed to doing what we can to limit further Covid transmission, particularly in light of headlines over the last week.  Therefore, your Heads of House are looking at how we can celebrate the last five years with you at a time that will not have any subsequent impact to the grading process.  Your Heads of House will be in touch with you about this after half term.

Could I take this opportunity to echo Mr Jones’ praise for your conduct during the Additional Assessment Tasks.  We have been very proud of you as a year group and are looking forward to welcoming back those of you wishing to continue your studies in our Sixth Form.

Mr Williams will be in touch with you the week of 14th June with further details of the transition packs for students wishing to return to the Sixth Form in September.

I hope that this email and the updated AAT Timetable provide all the information that you need before the start of term.

If not, please do get in touch with Mr Jones and I at the following e-mails so that one or other of us is able to respond to you:

We will reply to any queries but please be aware that our response times may not be quite as quick as usual during the holidays.

Best wishes to all our Year 11 students.

Ms Powley

Deputy Headteacher

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