Stand Up and Speak Out to Bullying @WHS

Click here to access Wilmslow High School’s Anti Bullying and Wellbeing update.

This document highlights what is on offer at school, along with all the work being undertaken in supporting and educating the students around these issues.

Our aim is to continue to develop and promote a happy and kind school community where the smallest positive change in our conduct and behaviour, could make a significant difference to others. The start of this process is for all students to sign the anti-bullying charter and commit to making this change, ensuring we are all thinking about how we can respect and empathise with others.

The ethos of the Wilmslow Way and our values permeate all that we do at the High school, consequently this edition reflects the PRIDE character virtues of Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Determination and Empathy. We strongly believe that these values are pivotal in ensuring bullying is minimized and students understand how their actions can affect others. Within this update we have also included everything available at Wilmslow High school to support students with their mental health.

Strong people stand up for themselves, but stronger people also stand up for others. As a high school we want everyone to work together to reduce any negativity students may face. In working together, we believe students, parents and staff can stand up, speak out and make the school an even happier and kinder place to be.

If any further support is required, or you have any questions, please see the student services contact details included in this edition. We also hope you find some of the links included helpful and supportive for both yourself and your child.

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