Start of Year timings for students – Monday 5th September

We will ease the beginning of the first day for students in Years 7 and 12 by having the later arrival time for students in Years 8 – 11 and 13.

Year GroupArrival timeDeparture timePurpose of activities
Year 7By 8:45 am3:10 pm

Tutor Group activities in the morning

Timetabled lessons in the afternoon

Year 8By 9:45 am3:10 pm
Year 9By 9:45 am3:10 pm
Year 10By 9:45 am3:10 pm
Year 11By 9:45 am3:10 pm
Year 12By 8:45 am3:10 pm
Year 13By 9:45 am3:10 pm


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