Chromebook Programme

Wilmslow High School has entered into a scheme to enable you to buy Chromebooks to support your child’s learning at home. This scheme may be of interest if your son/daughter does not currently have their own appropriate device to work on at home, or if they need more regular access to an appropriate device.

We have paired up with a company called Freedom Tech to provide Chromebooks at very favourable rates; you can buy them outright or from as little as £12.99 per month over three years – significantly less than you’d be able to buy a similar package for elsewhere. Please also note that they come with excellent 3-year, zero-excess warranties and accidental damage and theft policies.

We have consulted with other local schools who have more experience than us of students using Chromebooks as part of this scheme and are confident that the Chromebooks we are recommending provide the right balance between affordability and performance; they certainly do more than enough for what any student needs for schoolwork.

There is of course no pressure to consider purchasing a Chromebook, particularly at a time when many families are faced with increased financial pressure, but this cheaper option may be of interest if you are considering purchasing a device for your son/daughter in the next couple of months.

For a copy of the flyer including important information please read the following document:

WHS – Flyer – September 2021

If you have any queries regarding the Chromebook programme, please complete the following form:

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