What is our curriculum intent?

Our intent is to enable all students to become subject experts by developing across our ‘Big Ideas’:

In Science.  these are the fundamental principles that hold Science together:

  • Biology: The study of life and living organisms
  • Chemistry: The study of matter
  • Physics: The study of matter and its motion through time and space
  • Practical Science: Skills based learning

How do we implement our curriculum?

1. Through what we teach, when, as laid out below:

Year 7

Autumn Term

1. Cells

2. Digestion

1. Particles

2. Pure and Impure

1. Energy

2. Forces

1. Introduction to science

2. graph skills

Year 8

Autumn Term

1. Gas Exchange

2. Health and Movement

1. Atoms, elements, compounds

2. Chemical Reactions

1. Electricity

2. waves

Year 9

Autumn Term

Cell Biology

Cell Biology (2)

Cell structure

Atomic StructureEnergy & WavesRisk Assessment Method
& Variables,
Spring TermCell Biology &
BondingForces & electricityResults, Evaluation,
Summer TermOrganisationQuantitative
Particle model of matterWhole Experiments

2. Through how we group students

  • support groups for students who need more support with Science
  • broadly mixed ability groups for all other students

We assess our students regularly to ensure that they are making their expected

3. Through the homework we set

  • Homework is usually set each week with the expectation that students spend between 30 and 40 minutes
    per piece. More homework will be set at key times however, for example when students are preparing for
    summative assessments. As students are taught in subject specialisms they may receive more than one
    science homework per week.
  • Homework is varied and may include: writing up experiments, research, answering questions and making
    models. Learning homework will also be set. In addition to this students may be expected to read ahead
    of the area under study, using the internet, library or Firefly as a method of accessing these materials. The
    subsequent lessons will built upon this reading with students expected to apply their knowledge.
  • To develop our students as independent learners, some of these homeworks may be contained in booklets
    issued to students and take the form of mini projects set over a specific period of time.