Why study A- level Geography?
There has never been a better or more important time to study geography. With growing interest in issues such as climate change, migration, environmental degradation and sustainable sources of energy, geography is one of the most relevant courses you could choose to study. Geography will give you the opportunity to find out about many aspects of change on our planet, a knowledge base that will inform the rest of your life. The skills gained will be valuable to future employers and are highly relevant for a range of university courses.   Geography is listed by the Russell Group of Universities as one of the seven facilitating subjects that are most valued by the UK’s top universities.

What are the careers or further education that this course be suitable for?
Compared to other subjects, geographers are among the most employable. They possess the skills that employers look for. In part this is because the subject combines knowledge of science and an understanding of the humanities. Geography graduates were surveyed after their degree courses about their career destinations. The results show that:

17.8% were in further study compared with 12.1% of all students

5.8% were unemployed compared with 6.3% of all students

3% were working overseas compared with 1.9% of all students

Key Information Summary:

Course TitleGeography
Examination BoardAQA
Linear Qualification?Yes
Course Webpage
Entry RequirementsGrade 5 in geography and Grade 5 in English language and mathematics.
Contact TeachersMiss C Browning
Mrs T Skiffington

Course Details:
We study the AQA specification. This specification focuses on the study of contemporary geography and the relationship between human populations over space and time with the environment. The examples we study are from a variety of scales from local to global. Integrated into the course are a variety of different types of skills; investigative, cartographic, graphical, ICT and statistical.

Field work

As part of the course requirements you will have to complete 4 days of field work. This will involve both residential work and independent investigation.

Subject Content:

The topics we will study are:

Year 12

  • Hazards
  • Coasts
  • Contemporary Urban Environments

Year 13

  • Global Governance
  • The water and carbon cycle
  • Changing Places

Assessment details:

A Level – 2 Year Course

The A-level course will have two examinations and one teacher assessed field work investigation

Paper 1 Physical geography- 2hrs and 30mins worth 40% of the A- Level

Section A: Water and Carbon Cycle

Section B: Coasts

Section C: Hazards

Paper 2 Human Geography- 2 hours and 30 mins worth 40 % of the A- level

Section A- Global Governance

Section B- Changing places

Section C- Contemporary Urban Environments

Teacher assessed geographical investigation- 4000 words with 20% of the A-level