Learn X-tra

Learn Xtra

 We are delighted to be able to offer Year 12 students a range of additional opportunities as part of our continued pilot programme, Learn Xtra. This programme enables students to opt into academic enrichment in addition to the core sixth form curriculum. The programme is launched in October of Year 12 when interested students are invited to attend a presentation to learn more about the qualifications below:

AS Critical Thinking: a breadth AS level which develops students’ powers of argument and reason. This is especially beneficial for students who will need to complete university admission tests (e.g. medicine, veterinary science, law).

AS General Studies: a breadth AS level covering a range of topics (ranging from science and politics to  beliefs and values) through which students develop their awareness of current affairs, as well as argument and discussion skills.

Both of these courses require a four term commitment: one period per week during latter half of the autumn term of Year 12, two periods per week in spring / summer term of Year 12, exam in summer of Year 12, one/two periods per week during autumn Year 13, final exam in January of Year 13.

Extended Project Qualification: students studying towards one of the AS courses above will be eligible to apply to work towards completing an Extended Project Qualification during Year 13. This new qualification requires students to develop the independent study skills highly valued by universities. Students will select a topic of their choice as their focus then research this independently in order to complete a university style dissertation.

AQA Baccalaureate: students who opt for the EPQ at the end of Year 12 will also be able to work towards attaining the AQA Baccalaureate. Students qualify for the “AQA Bacc” by completing three A2 level subjects, either AS Critical Thinking or AS General Studies, an Extended Project Qualification and 100 hours of work / personal / community enrichment (recorded via an online enrichment diary). Although currently the AQA Bacc does not carry additional UCAS points, the final qualification demonstrates to universities / employers that the recipient is a well-rounded, proactive individual able to operate at an independently at an academic level and beyond. No timetabled periods are allocated to this qualification as the enrichment and online diary components are completed in students’ own time.

As we are still in the pilot stage of Learn Xtra, places are limited and will be allocated on the strength of students’ applications following the October launch. Naturally, high levels of focus and self-motivation are essential.