The Curriculum

What curriculum do Sixth Form Students students experience?

The Sixth Form at Wilmslow High School offers an academic rather than vocational curriculum.

This pathway through further education suits over 60% of students in Year 11 and attracts a significant number of students from other schools in the local area.

Our curriculum is designed to enable students to choose a programme of study reflecting their individual interests and aspirations. We offer an extensive range of Advanced Level courses; most students study four AS subjects in Year 12 and then choose to pursue three of these at A2 Level.

In addition to A-Levels, we also offer the BTEC National Diploma in Sport, with other vocational courses coming online shortly.

Beyond these opportunities, we are diversifying our curriculum by piloting a range of curriculum enhancement opportunities known as “Learn Xtra.” These include the Extended Project Qualification and AQA Baccalaureate, together with AS levels designed to give more ‘breath’ to the curriculum, such as General Studies and Critical Thinking.

We are very conscious of our responsibility to prepare the students, either for further study in Further or Higher Education, or for the world of work. In this respect teaching in the Sixth Form is mindful of the need to develop students’ independent learning skills and will therefore increasingly place responsibility for time management on the students themselves.

Over 90% of students continue their education beyond 18 and there is a structured and successful Higher Education programme, including guidance on the UCAS process, which ensures they make the best possible choices. Students moving to employment or apprenticeships at 18 are equally well supported. Some students choose to have a ‘gap year’ before going on into Higher Education.

Curriculum Digests – Sixth Form

Further details of all courses on offer, together with the entry requirements and methods of assessment can be found in the Sixth Form Prospectus.  6th Form Prospectus – Sept 2015 entry

Please note that the availability of courses depends on staffing levels and student demand.