Individual Healthcare Plans

Young people with medical conditions are entitled to a full education and have the same rights of admission to our school as other children.

When a young person receives confirmation of a place at Wilmslow High School their parent/guardian will be required to complete and return the document called “Emergency contact and health information form” . Should this document highlight a young person has a medical need the parent will be asked to complete and return an Individual Healthcare Plan.

The Individual Health Care Plan will be developed with the young person’s best interests in mind and ensure that the school assesses and manages risks to the young person’s education, health and social well-being and minimises disruption to their education.

In cases where a young person’s medical condition is unclear, or where there is a difference of opinion, advice will be sort from the relevant healthcare professionals, parents and young person. Support can be provided based on the available evidence.

Where a child has SEN but does not have an Educational Health Care Plan, their special educational needs will be mentioned in their individual healthcare plan.

The Medical Needs Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the student’s individual healthcare plan is finalised, implemented and reviewed at least annually or earlier if evidence is presented that the young person’s needs have changed.