Wellbeing Hub

The Wellbeing Hub is an area situated between the Geography corridor and the Food/Textiles area, near to the pond (Room 18).

Students can access a number of support services and receive advice and guidance on a range of areas su as

  • Work Experience
  • Careers
  • Health Concerns or General Anxieties (Depression, self-harm, eating disorders, anxiety, exam stress, smoking/substance misuse, bereavement and anything that is on their mind that they feel is hard to cope with).

Support may come from:

  • Trained 6th Form ‘Peer Mentors’
  • School Nurse
  • Medical Needs Coordinator
  • Learning Support Staff
  • Student Managers
  • Police Community Support Worker
  • Citizens Advice Bureau representative

Form tutors and Student Managers access support for a student by completing a referral form and returning it to Assistant Headteacher – Student Services

Students may also self-refer by filling in a self-referral form (available in the Hub corridor) and posting it in the post box on the wall.