Student Email

To access student email, please follow the link at the bottom of the page:

Student email & 365 – How it works

You now have your own Wilmslow High School email address.  Email is now such an important and universal communication tool that we now regard it as an essential part of students’ learning and a tool which we believe will help you to work and learn more efficiently and effectively. Email enables us, amongst many other things, to:

  • Provide important communications like examination timetables directly to your inbox
  • Provide you with important individual updates like appointment times, instructions relating to extra-curricular activities or lessons

How do you access your emails?

You can access emails through webmail linked in the VLE or through mobile devices by adding the details of their account to their device setup, or by running the Microsoft 365 app.

To access student emails, you will need the following login details:

Your G

Your normal network password

Resetting passwords:

If you forget your password or have trouble accessing your student email, please contact ‘’.

Setting up your smartphone to receive school email:

To add your school email to a smartphone, please input the following information when prompted by the on-screen set up:

Email: Your G



Username: Your G Number

Password: Your network password

Description: School Email

Setting up email forwarding:

Email forwarding allows you to receive all emails from your school email account on your personal email account. To set this up, please follow the below steps:

Sign in to Outlook Web App.

At the top of the page, choose Outlook (or Mail). Or, choose the app launcher  > Mail.

At the top of the page, select Settings  > Options, and then select one of the following:

Account > Connected accounts


Mail > Accounts > Forwarding

Do one of the following, depending on the options you see:

Under Forwarding, enter the email address you want to forward your Outlook Web App email to, set or clear the Keep a copy of forwarded messages check box, and then select Start forwarding.


Select Start forwarding, enter the email address you want, set or clear the Keep a copy of forwarded messages in Outlook Web App check box, and then select Save.

To access student email, please click here: