Meet the Team

Student Services is Wilmslow High School’s unique and forward thinking team which provides outstanding pastoral care for the students. Within this, the team works tirelessly to provide a healthy, safe, and inclusive environment. The students are encouraged to participate, strive for excellence and engage in a community that thrives on mutual respect.

Student Services Structure and Organisation

The Student Services team is led by Mr S. Mackintosh, Assistant Headteacher. Student Services offers guidance advice and support to students across four houses.  Each house has a dedicated team comprising of Head of House and Student Manager. They are directly responsible for encouraging students to achieve their potential through academic monitoring and removing barriers to learning.  Also promoting and supporting this culture and ethos are other key members of the team including the Senior Student Manager, the Attendance Officer, the Family Support Worker and Pastoral Administrative Support.

In such a large school environment the house system enables every student for feel fully included and develops a clear identity and sense of pride and belonging. Crucial to the sense of community are a highly dedicated team of form tutors. They should always be an accessible first point of contact for students and parents alike.


The four Houses are:

•  Bollin

•  Harefield

•  Norcliffe

•  Thorngrove

Within this outstanding support structure the students are guided by clear and consistent expectations. This is reinforced through a comprehensive system of rewards and sanctions. The team also regularly responds to student voice through the school council. The professionals within the team are also highly skilled at liaising with key stakeholders including Learning Support, Curriculum teams and external agencies.

Team Biographies:



Simon Mackintosh

Current role / title of job:  Assistant Head teacher – Director of Student Services

Years at Wilmslow High School: 2 years

Favourite subjects at school: Physical Education, English Literature, Economics and Maths

Favourite food: Sunday Roast

Favourite holiday destination: The Cook Islands

Hobbies/interests outside of school: Tennis, Golf and following a multitude of sporting events

I love Wilmslow High School because of the ethos, the community and the commitment of both staff and students to achieving success in everything they do.

Jones Dafydd

Dafydd Jones

House motto: Be the Best you can

Current role / title of job:  Bollin Head of House

Years at Wilmslow High School:  3 years

Favourite subjects at school:  Biology, PE and Geography

Favourite food:  Lasagne and Pizzas

Favourite holiday destination:  New Zealand and anywhere with Sea or Mountains

Hobbies/interests outside of school:  Playing Hockey and Cycling

I love Wilmslow High School because It is a fantastic school which caters for pupils of all abilities, developing their individual talents and skills to enable them to reach their potential.

Bebbington Matthew

Matt Bebbington 

 House motto: Attack the Day!

Current role / title of job:  Harefield Head of House

Years at Wilmslow High School:  7 years

Favourite subjects at school:  PE, Geography and English

Favourite food: Gammon, eggs and chips

Favourite holiday destination:  California, New York, Toronto and Cape Town

Hobbies/interests outside of school:  Rugby coaching

I love Wilmslow High School because  it gives every student, regardless of their background, the chance to fulfil their potential through hard work


Johnathan Maw

House motto: Aspire, Learn, Achieve!

Current role / title of job: Head of Norcliffe House

Years at Wilmslow High School: 8 Years

Favourite subjects at school: PE, Geography, Spanish

Favourite food:  Thai

Favourite holiday destination: Amalfi Coast

Hobbies/interests outside of school: Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Running, Reading, Travelling

I love Wilmslow High School because I love WHS because it brings out the best in our students where each and every day students inspire me with their hard work, attitude and resilience as they progress towards their goals.

Duffy James

James Duffy

House motto: “First, Best, Different”

 Current role / title of job    Head of Thorngrove House and PE Teacher

 Years at WHS – 4 years.

 Favourite subjects at school PE, Geography, History

 Favourite food

Italian and Mexican

Favourite holiday destination

Having the opportunity to go on a rugby tour to Singapore, Australia and South Africa when being at school allowed me to see what an amazing country Australia is. The weather, lifestyle and love of sport ticks every box in regards to a ‘favourite holiday destination’.

Hobbies/interests outside of school:

Being a PE teacher as you can imagine hobbies and interest are very much sport based. I play cricket and rugby for local teams, that in line with enjoying different interests of my children takes up a big chunk of my time away from school life.

I love Wilmslow High School because:

The students and staff within the school are a delight to be around. Being in a school that has so much sporting success and seeing the hard work that both staff and students put in to the extra curricular programme underpins what the high school represents. Wilmslow High gives all students the ability and opportunity to be part of teams, productions and educational trips outside curriculum time. This results in students leaving the school with an eclectic mix of skills setting them up for future life. Being part of that process makes coming to work each day easy.


Dan Conley

Current role / title of job:  Head of Inclusion

Years at Wilmslow High Schoool – 8 years

Favourite subjects at school: Science, PE, Psychology

Favourite food:  Pizza

Favourite holiday destination:  Italy

Hobbies/interests outside of school:  Music

I love Wilmslow High School because I’ve never seen a school where there are so many fantastic opportunities for students of all backgrounds!


Yvonne McKay

Current role / title of job:   Bollin Student Manager

Years at Wilmslow High School:  Just started 9th year

Favourite subjects at school:  Art

Favourite food: Everything except stewed apple!

Favourite holiday destination:  Las Vegas

Hobbies/interests outside of school:   House work and when I have time, reading and horse riding

I love Wilmslow High School because of the amazing staff and wonderful students!


Samantha Gregory

Current role / title of job: Student Manager

Years at Wilmslow High School: 10 years

Favourite subjects at school: PE/Drama

Favourite food:  Thai

Favourite holiday destination:  Thailand/Anglesey

Hobbies/interests outside of school:  Reading/Cooking

I love Wilmslow High School because Harefield students and staff are the best!


Anna Powell

Current role / title of job: Student Manager Norcliffe house

Years at Wilmslow High School: 4 years

Favourite subjects at school: PE and History

Favourite food: EVERYTHING!!

Favourite holiday destination: America

Hobbies/interests outside of school: Netball,  Reading and Running

I love Wilmslow High School because I enjoy working with Norcliffe Students  and helping them to achieve their full potential.


Sara Williams

Current role / title of job: Student Manager for Thorngrove

Years at Wilmslow High School: 7 years

Favourite subjects at school: English

Favourite food: Anything sweet!

Favourite holiday destination: San Diego, USA

Hobbies/interests outside of school: Season ticket holder for MCFC, gardening, gym, reading

I love Wilmslow High School because the students are wonderful and never fail to make me smile.

Cairney Tom

Tom Cairney

Current role / title of job: Inclusion Manager

Years at Wilmslow High School: 1 Year

Favourite subjects at school: Law, Latin and History

Favourite food: Strong cheese with rhubarb and chili chutney

Favourite holiday destination: Vietnam or the Lake District

Hobbies/interests outside of school: wilderness survival, music and I am, periodically, an enthusiastic rugby player (with lots of neoprene and tape).

I love Wilmslow High School because it encourages aspirations for each and every student, regardless of their ability or background, and supports them all in reaching their potential with an overindulgence of tailored opportunities.

Tracey Yarwood

Current role/job title:  Student Services Administration/Admissions

Years at Wilmslow High School:  7 in November

Favourite Subjects at School:  History & P.E

Favourite Food:  Thai & Indian

Favourite Holiday Destination:  Cuba

Hobbies/interests outside of school: Walking the dog, watching my sons play cricket & gym

I love Wilmslow High School because it’s a great school and a brilliant team to work with

Natalie Parker

Current role/job title: Student Services – Attendance officer

Years at Wilmslow High School: 

Favourite Subjects at School: 

Favourite Food:

Favourite Holiday Destination: 

I love Wilmslow High School because …