• Covid-19: new national restrictions and school life – with effect from 5th November 2020

    Dear Parents and Carers, Most aspects of school life will remain the same following the introduction of the new national restrictions on Thursday 5th November: The main features set out in the Return to School Guide for Student and Parents remain in place (Year Group Zones, Movement Routes, school day timings, the rules encapsulated by […]

  • Covid-19 related student absence – “What to do if…” Guide

    Click here to access the quick reference guide that we are using when contacted about possible Covid-19 related student absence. Thank you for your continuing support in ensuring that we have all the information we need to keep our school community safe. It is of the utmost importance that we continue to ensure that if […]

  • Virtual Expectations Evening Presentations

    Revised programme: Following the publication of further Ofqual guidance this week on exam syllabus changes, we have revised our programme of forthcoming Virtual Expectation Evenings as follows: 1: Curriculum and Assessment for 2020-21 Focus: Separate KS3 and KS4/5 presentations on curriculum and assessment plans for 2020-21 When: Sent out through High Notes on Friday 18th […]

  • Open Day / Evening – Autumn 2020 – the virtual experience

    Because of the current Covid restrictions placed on schools, we will not be able to offer parents/carers our normal Open Evening and Day experience. Our real-life tours will be replaced by a virtual tour along with all of the information and insight you need to know via presentations and talks given by our staff on […]

  • School Site Movement Maps

    Versions current at 3rd September 2020 Year 7 village movement map Year 8 village movement map Year 9 village movement map Year 10 village movement map Year 11 village movement map

Planning and Preparation for September 2020

The Return to School Guide for Students and Parents was updated and re-published on 2nd September.  Please click here to access this document.

The key points are as follows:

  1. All students to return full-time in September to the full curriculum
  2. The key additional health and safety provision to be introduced in September is that students will “live and learn” in self-contained Year Group Zones – movement around the site will be significantly reduced and closely managed
  3. Our 2020 Teaching and Learning guide for parents and carers on: ‘from the
    front’ teaching
  4. Our 2020 Curriculum and Assessment guide for parents and carers

The following page on the website provides a “One Stop Shop” for September  information:

Preparing for September

The Return to School Guide will be reissued later this term in order to answer any additional questions that are raised or provide an update to information.