• Notice about HPV and DTP Men catchup vaccination opportunity for relevant Y9, Y10 and Y11 students

    The NHS vaccination programme for HPV and DTP Men for some young people now in Years 9, 10 and 11 was disrupted in the summer term by the Covid-isolation regulations. In response, the NHS School Nursing Immunisation Team will be in school next week providing the following catchup immunisation opportunities:  HPV on Tues Sept 14th  […]

  • Wilmslow High School’s online Open Evening – September / October 2021

    As we start this new term, we are continuing to implement a number of on-site Covid-19 mitigation measures to minimise the risk of in-school Covid transmission.  You may also be aware that a new £12 million pound building project started on the school site this summer, which has substantially reduced the availability of parking spaces. For these two reasons, we have taken the […]

  • UK COVID-19 vaccination programme is now open to the 16/17 year old cohort

    With the extension of the UK COVID-19 vaccination programme to the 16/17 year old cohort, sixth form students are now able to attend the mass vaccination centre at Alderley Park. Alderley Park is open daily from 8:30-18:00 (with the exception of 22nd August when the hours are 2pm-6pm). The list of all the other […]

  • Congratulations to Year 11 students on their fantastic GCSE and BTEC results

    Today we celebrate our Year 11 students’ fantastic GCSE and BTEC results and congratulate them on their superb response to the challenges of these times. The grades awarded to Wilmslow High School students in 2021 were well above the national average. The percentage of students awarded the highest grade 9s was 15% compared with the national figure of 7.4%, while the percentage of results at grade 7 […]

  • Impressive A-Level results deserve celebration

    The impressive A-Level and BTEC results of summer 2021 have been achieved in remarkable circumstances. Students and staff have had to overcome unprecedented disruption to planned learning journeys and have demonstrated agility, enterprise and perseverance to overcome the challenges presented by Covid-19. The A-Level grades awarded to Wilmslow High School students were well above the […]

Covid-19: reducing transmission rates – Lateral Flow Testing and Result Reporting: June 2021

All students should continue to do regular Lateral Flow Device Tests and report the results to school using the following link on the front page of the school website:

Wilmslow High School Lateral Flow Device – Test Result Submission Form

If the result is positive please also notify school immediately using the following email account:

Information about the Key Covid-19 Mitigation Measures in place from 1st September 2021:

Key Covid Mitigation Measures – Start of Year – September 2021

DfE guidance for Parents and Carers regarding Covid measures in schools from 1st September 2021:

What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges

Information about contact tracing in schools with effect from 19 July 2021

COVID-19 Testing | Wilmslow High School


Information about Covid-19 absences