Headteacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Wilmslow High School

All young people only get 950 days of secondary education; therefore, at Wilmslow High School we are committed to the pursuit of excellence for every student, every day.

We do this through our dedication to learning, by being guided by values and in striving to serve.




We aspire for all our students to:

» make excellent academic progress

» develop exemplary interpersonal skills and qualities

» participate in a wide range of competitions, projects and tasks

The pursuit of excellence at Wilmslow High School has five key strands: 

  1. Our powerful curriculum: Providing all students with a deep, broad, balanced ‘whole’ curriculum so that they develop the powerful knowledge, skills and qualities that will allow them to flourish in life, learning and work
  2. Our strong leadership and systems: Providing all students with leadership that is founded in sound judgement, determined in its pursuit of excellence and strongly guided by moral purpose
  3. Our professional learning school: Providing all students with expert teachers who seek out and share innovation and expertise
  4. Our young people of character: Developing all students as young people of character who have a ‘do more and be more’ approach, are guided by moral purpose, intellectual engagement and a spirit of enquiry and who are determined to succeed through hard work and effort
  5. Our school at the heart of its community: Providing all students with a sense of belonging to, and opportunities to participate in, their full community: local, regional, national and global

We are proud to be a strong, happy and caring school community in which students and staff can flourish.

Whether visiting for the first time, or returning as a regular user, I hope you find these qualities well represented on our website.

With best wishes

James Pullé, Headteacher