Vision and Values

Our Improvement Vision

All young people only get 950 days of secondary education; therefore, at Wilmslow High School we are committed to the pursuit of excellence for every student, every day.

We do this:

  • through our dedication to learning,
  • by being guided by values and
  • in striving to serve.

We are committed to:

  • maintaining a strong, happy and caring school community that is rooted in our core values, and in which staff and students can flourish, whilst
  • challenging ourselves to pursue excellence for all our students.

This is a time of growth and development for our school, and we look forward to the future with excitement.

What does the pursuit of excellence look like at Wilmslow High School? 

The pursuit of excellence will see every one of our students participating fully and performing highly throughout a rich and deep curriculum.

High performance by all groups of students will be seen in the following three dimensions

  • academic attainment and progress that are significantly above average
  • interpersonal skills and qualities that are widely recognised as exemplary
  • an ability to produce highly effective responses to a wide range of competitions, projects and tasks

We will achieve these ambitions through the five strands of our School Improvement Plan:

  1. A powerful curriculum
  2. Strong leadership and effective systems
  3. Professional learning school
  4. Young people of character
  5. Heart of the community