Careers Education and Guidance

Careers Provision at WHS 

Mission Statement

All students at WHS will…

  • have an aspiration which they share with staff through the Aspirations Questionnaire
  • develop their understanding of their skills, interests and personality from Year 7 -13, and make links between these and future pathways
  • be provided with information about the range of opportunities open to them
  • have the opportunity to meet with external employers at least once per academic year
  • take part in work related activities in and out of school
  • understand expectations of employers and learn how to apply for jobs
  • learn how to make informed decisions about their future
  • be fully supported and guided through key transition periods
  • learn how to improve their own employability skills
  • have access to impartial advice and guidance
  • be provided with Labour Market Information (LMI) relevant to opportunities in the locality


Careers Leader – responsible for the ‘Aspirations Programme’ and strategy

Post-16 Guidance Coordinator – provides encounters and information, as well as supporting student’s post-16 applications

Work Experience Coordinator – arranges work placements and supports the Aspirations Programme

Business Partnership Coordinator – develops our network of business volunteers, makes bid applications and arranges community events

Careers Support – assists with admin for the Aspirations Programme

Aspirations Programme

Form tutors take an active role in delivering aspirations lessons through Wider Curriculum. In addition to lessons, the programme includes visits, assemblies, talks and fairs.

Year group overview:

Event date
Activity type
Gatsby BM
Other Gatsby BMs
September7Introduction to AspirationsWider Curriculum4
November7Aspirations questionnaire & skills benchmarkingWider Curriculum34
March7National Careers WeekWider Curriculum52
July7Skills Days – CSI, Questioning & InterviewsWider Curriculum45
July7Aspirations Questionnaire updateSelf-manager task3
September8Personal Best DayReview Day3
November8Exploring Aspirations and Target SettingWider Curriculum32, 4
November8Gender inequality in the workplaceWider Curriculum4
March8National Careers WeekWider Curriculum52
June8Inspirational encounterWider Curriculum52
July8Aspirations Questionnaire updateSelf-manager task3
September9Personal Best DayReview Day3
September9Linking skills personality & choicesWider Curriculum4
January9KS4 Course Choices launchAssembly3
February9KS4 Course Choices – Options Evening + Parent LaunchCareers Fair3
March9National Careers WeekWider Curriculum52
June9Inspirational encounterWider Curriculum52
July9Aspirations Questionnaire updateSelf-manager task3
September10Personal Best DayReview Day3
April-July10Careers guidance interviewsInterview82
October10Work Experience Letter sent to Y10sLetter
November10Work Experience parent talkPresentation
January10Inspirational encounterWider Curriculum52
February10Personal Finance 1Wider Curriculum4
March10Personal Finance 2 with employer inputWider Curriculum54
March10National Careers WeekWider Curriculum52
June10Work experience prep + skills in the workplaceWider Curriculum4
July10Year 10 WEXWork Experience6
July10Learning from WEXWider Curriculum43
July10Aspirations Questionnaire updateSelf-manager task3
September11Personal Best DayReview Day3
September-July11Careers guidance interviewsInterview82
October11Post-16 support video for Year 11Tutor Time32
November11Post-16 Education and Training Careers FairCareers Fair75
November11Perparing for work: CVs and interviewsWider Curriculum43
November11WHS Sixth Form Opportunities InformationOnline73
December11Post-16 application form submissionWider Curriculum
January11Inspirational encounterWider Curriculum52
January11Post-16 course choice explorationWider Curriculum34
January11Post-16 destinations compared to mock grades: IAG identificationData management
February11Year 11 University and Apprenticeship Search Fair (Manchester)Virtual fair73
February11Year 11 mock interviews (external business partners)Interviews54
March11National Careers WeekWider Curriculum52
August11GCSE results and support for Post-16 ProgressionGCSE results day38
August11Sixth Form enrolmentGCSE results day +1
September-July12Careers guidance interviewsInterview82
September12Destinations follow-up – September GuaranteeSelf-manager task
September12Aspirations QuestionnaireWider Curriculum3
January12Launch of Oxbridge programmePresentation3
February12Post-18 Choices EveningPresentation3
February12UCAS – Early applicants meetingMeeting3
March12National Careers WeekWider Curriculum52
March12Personal Statements and UCAS ConferenceSelf-manager/careers fair3
May on12UCAS – Early applicants supportMeeting3
July12Year 12 WEXWork Experience6
July12Aspirations Questionnaire updateSelf-manager task3
September13Personal Best DayReview Day3
September-July13Careers guidance interviewsInterview82
September13Destinations follow-up – September GuaranteeSelf-manager task
September13Creation of Y13 Employment Readiness Programme (ERP) groupSelf-manager task3
October13UCAS: Early Applicants deadlineSelf-manager task3
October13ERP presentation apprenticeship/degree apprenticeshipWider Curriculum57
November13ERP – CV masterclass with employersWider Curriculum54
November13UCAS deadline – internal studentsSelf-manager task
December13Y13 ERP – mentoring interviewsWider Curriculum5
December13Y13 ERP – Meet the ApprenticeWider Curriculum52
January13Preparation for mock assessment centreWider Curriculum35
January13UCAS deadline – external studentsSelf-manager task
February13UCAS – advice re accepting offersAssembly/Tutor time3
February13ERP mock assessment centre (at place of work)Assembly/Tutor time65
March13National Careers WeekWider Curriculum52
May13UCAS – deadline for accepting offersSelf-manager task
August13A-Level results and support for Post-18 Progression – UCAS supportA-Level results day38

Business Partners

We are very proud of our Business Partnership network which enables students to build links with and learn from employers. These employers are invited to support students in their learning through work placements, talks, interview preparation, careers fairs and work related learning events.

Careers Support and Information:

Aspirations Support Page: For support with aspirations and current competitions/opportunities, parents and students can click here

Other Online Resources: To access a list of online resources, parents and students click here.

LRC Resources: Students are encouraged to use the excellent range of careers information and guidance materials available in the LRC to research information related to their specific interests and aspirations.

Display Resources: The Careers Noticeboard is located outside of the LRC. Here, students can find details of apprenticeship opportunities and open days.

Advice and Guidance:

WHS provides impartial guidance to all students, through the contracting of an independent Careers Advisor. This is available to all students and supports those who are making choices at key transition stages. Students can request support in person in the Well-being Hub or via their form tutors.

Information, advice and guidance about education and training providers

It is our intent that all students at Wilmslow High School:

  • find out about technical education qualifications and apprenticeship opportunities, as part of our careers programme which provides information on the full range of education and training options available at each transition point
  • hear from a range of local providers about the opportunities they offer, including technical education and apprenticeships
  • understand how to make applications for the full range of academic and technical courses

We implement this throughout the careers education programme and ensure that education and training providers given regular and well publicised access to our students through the calendar of careers fairs, educational visits and Aspire High encounters.

Our Education and Training Provider Access Policy Statement can be found by clicking through to the policies page of the school website.


For queries relating to careers education or advice and guidance, please contact Mrs H Cook, Careers Leader:

For queries relating to work experience placements, please contact Mrs K Stephens, Work Experience Coordinator: