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 The ‘Whole Curriculum’ Model

What makes up our ‘Whole Curriculum’?

The Whole Curriculum at Wilmslow High School provides a broad, rich and deep education that develops the powerful knowledge, skills and qualities needed to flourish in life, learning and work. The Whole Curriculum includes: The Wilmslow Way, The Formal Curriculum and The Wider Curriculum.



The Formal Curriculum

This includes all of the teaching and learning which takes place in core and option lessons. It empowers our students to develop powerful knowledge, subject-specific skills and a spirit of enquiry. Read more…





PRIDE: The Wilmslow Way

This is sometimes referred to as the hidden curriculum as it can be defined as the lessons that are taught informally, and usually unintentionally, through conversations and social time, to develop values, good behaviours, attitudes and perspectives. It also includes the various Wider and character based activities that take place during Tutor Time at the start and the end of each day. The Wilmslow Way is central in enabling our students to develop as ‘Young People of Character’, who can participate fully and perform with PRIDE across our Formal and Wider Curriculum. The five strands of PRIDE are character values students are encouraged to display in every aspect of their life, in and outside of school.

PRIDE stands for:
ProfessionalismHigh standards in all that we do
RespectShowing consideration for yourself and others
IntegrityJust doing the right thing
DeterminationNot giving up and aiming for your personal best
EmpathyThinking about and helping others

The Wider Curriculum

(including Xtra curricular programmes)

This includes all of the additional activities, events and visits that we encourage students to take part in outside of lessons, as well as PHSCE related learning about staying safe and preparing for life in modern Britain.  These are grouped under eight headings: Wellbeing, Community, Aspirations, REspect, X-tra, Expedition, Leadership and Service and Communication and Enquiry.  These all include important enriching opportunities that enhance our students’ personal development, encouraging them to perform with PRIDE in the pursuit of excellence. Read more…




firefly (homework/online learning platform)

Once your child has started at Wilmslow High School, you will be able to activate your firefly parent portal. Information on how to activate your account, how to access the parent app and what you can see in firefly can be found here.

We use firefly to set homework. Students will receive homework (including any supporting materials) through ‘tasks’ set in firefly. firefly can be accessed through the web or a smartphone app.

Parents can quickly and easily find out details of homework set for their child within their parent portal.

firefly also shows:

  • teaching and learning materials – some teachers add their lesson resources to their firefly pages
  • achievement and behaviour updates – you can see an overview of your child’s behaviour and achievement points
  • the Student Noticeboard

In the first week of school, your child will be given log in details and full instructions for firefly and other school systems.


Our school calendar is published and updated on the school website. This is where you will find term dates.



We use a range of methods to contact parents so it is important we always have up to date mailing addresses, email addresses, mobile and home telephone numbers.

High Notes (our school newsletter)

Every Friday we issue High Notes, which contains news from the week and key information for parents.  You can view previous issues here.


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