Useful Contacts

Leadership Team

Headteacher – Ms R E Powley:

Senior Deputy Headteacher, Ethos – Mr M Vincent:

Senior Deputy Headteacher, Standards – Mr S Mackintosh:

Deputy Headteacher – Quality of Education, Curriculum – Mr T Munro:

Deputy Headteacher – Quality of Education, Teaching and professional learning – Mrs N Firth:

Director of Student Services – Mr D Jones:

Assistant Headteacher, Wider Curriculum – Mr D Spence:

Assistant Headteacher, Sixth Form – Mr H Williams:

Assistant Headteacher, Raising Attainment – Mr K MacHugh:

Senior Lead, Quality Assurance: Miss C George:

Senior Lead, Data, Systems and Timetable – Mr D Allcock:


Student Services Team (Pastoral Support)

Bollin students (progress) – Ms A Houston (Head of House)  –

Bollin students (pastoral) – Mrs Y Mackay (Student Manager) –

Harefield students (progress) – Mr S Naylor (Head of House) –

Harefield students (pastoral) – Miss A Graham (Student Manager) –

Norcliffe students (progress) – Miss K Wynne (Head of House) –

Norcliffe students (pastoral) – Mrs N Burgess –

Thorngrove students (progress) – Mr J Duffy (Head of House) –

Thorngrove students (pastoral) – Miss A Acton (Student Manager – Mon and Tues) ( Mrs S Williams (Student Manager – Wed, Thurs, Fri)) – 

Senior Student Services Manager – Mrs A Powell (Student Manager) – /

Safeguarding concerns – Mr S Mackintosh (Senior Deputy Headteacher – Behaviour and Standards) – / Miss S Clarke (Curriculum Engagement Lead)

Attendance – Years 7-11:

Admissions – Mrs T Yarwood:

Sixth Form Team

Mr Williams – Assistant Headteacher: Sixth Form:

Mrs Kettlewell – Deputy Head of Sixth Form:

Mrs Cook – Head of Post-16 Guidance (UCAS):

Mr Hall – Head of Year 12:

Mr Lightfoot – Head of Year 13:

Mrs Flannery – Senior Sixth Form Secretary:

Mrs Hardman – Student Manager:

SEN Team

Mrs L Frankham, SEN Coordinator and Norcliffe link –

Mrs G Lumley, Deputy SENDCo and Bollin link –

Miss O Buckingham, SEN Team Leader Support Assistant and Thorngrove link –

Ms J Ridings, SEN Team Leader Assistant and Harefield link –

Ms M Trivedi, Teacher of the Deaf –