Governing Board

Wilmslow High School is a local authority maintained community school.

As such, its Governing Board is comprised of governors drawn from four different constituencies:

  • parent governors
  • staff governors
  • local authority governors
  • co-opted governors

The Governing Board is constituted as detailed in the Instrument of Government

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Currently the membership of the Governing Board is as follows:

Appointed by
Committees and Positions*
Term of Office
% Meetings*
Mr Jim CaulkettCo-optedGoverning BoardFGB (Chair), FIE28 Oct 2020 – 27 Oct 2025FVROA1083%
Mr David BennettCo-optedGoverning BoardFGB, FIE, P (Chair), LSS01 Sep 2019 – 31 Aug 2023FVROA2296%
Mr Chris BerryCo-optedGoverning BoardFGB, FIE27 Nov 2017 – 26 Nov 2021FVROA758%
Mr Mike BowdenCo-optedGoverning BoardFGB, FIE, P01 Sep 2019 – 31 Aug 2023FVROA1376%
Mr Sam BeythounLocal AuthorityLocal AuthorityFGB, FIE, P, LSS19 Jun 2017 – 18 Jun 2021FVROA1983%
Mr Peter CrouchCo-optedGoverning BoardFGB, LSS (Chair)14 Nov 2016 – 13 Nov 2024FVROA1169%
Mr Martin KinseyCo-optedGoverning BoardFGB, FIE (Chair), P, LSS14 Nov 2016 – 13 Nov 2024FVROA2191%
Mr Jonathan MoakesCo-optedGoverning BoardFGB (Vice-Chair), FIE, LSS14 Nov 2016 – 13 Nov 2024FVROA18100%
Mr Tom MurrayCo-optedGoverning BoardFGB, LSS28 Oct 2020 – 27 Oct 2025FVROA1083%
Mrs Jane ShawCo-optedGoverning BoardFGB, P, LSS1 Dec 2017 – 30 Nov 2021FVROA 17100%
Mrs Maureen SuttonCo-optedGoverning BoardFGB, others TBC01 Sep 2019 – 31 Aug 2023FVROA0n/a
Ms Angela YoreCo-optedGoverning BoardFGB, Personnel21 Jan 2019 – 20 Jan 2023FVROA8 (as Associate)133%
Dr James PulléHeadteacherN/AFGB, FIE, PN/AFVROA / RTSSM (Sister-in-law works at the school)19112%

*Committees and Abbreviations 

Full Governing Board                                              (FGB)
Finance Infrastructure and Estates                          (FIE)
Personnel                                                             (P)
Learning and Student Support                                (LSS)

Full voting rights on all                                         (FVROA)
Business Interests                                                (BI)
Any relationship to school staff
member (e.g. spouse, partner, relative)                (RTSSM)


No. of meetings, including committee meetings, attended in 12 months to Dec 2018

* % Meetings

No. of meetings attended in 12 months to Dec 2018 as a proportion of total possible meetings, based on committee membership

Former Governors (within last 12 months)

NameTypeAppointed byCommittees and Positions* Term of OfficeDetails*Meetings*% Meetings*
Dr Mark NicolCo-optedGoverning BoardFGB, FIE, P13 Jul 2015 – 12 Jul 2019FVROA
Mr Mark RoyleCo-optedGoverning BoardFGB, FIE, LSS13 Jul 2015 – 12 Jul 2019FVROA ; BI (Director of Emerson Group)
Mr Blake AdlemCo-optedGoverning BoardFGB, FIE25 Sep 2017 – 24 Sep 2021FVROA758%
Mrs Julia McHargStaffStaffFGB, FIE, P05 Oct 2016 – 04 Oct 2020FVROA1694%



NameTypeAppointed byCommittees and Positions* Term of OfficeDetails*Meetings*% Meetings*
Rev Rob WhiteAssociateRelevant CommitteeP03 Dec 2018 – 02 Dec 2019FVRO P 3 50%
Dr Mark NicolAssociateRelevant CommitteeFIE24 Jun 2019 – 23 Jun 2020FVRO FIE0n/a
Mr Mark RoyleAssociateRelevant CommitteeFIE24 Jun 2019 – 23 Jun 2020FVRO FIE0n/a

Constituted composition of Governing Board

Local Authority110


Communication with the Governing Board should be directed through the Clerk to the Governing Board, Mr G Pugh.

He can be contacted at school on 01625 526191