Post Sixth Form Pathways

Sixth form precedes a period of major change: the end of students’ long association with school and the assumption of formal adult status as they embark on another stage in their lives. Such a significant step requires thorough preparation; what students decide now will impact on  them for some time to come.  The range of options is considerable and there is much to think about; planning ahead, choosing a course of action from the alternatives available and matching ambitions to abilities is all part of the preparation process.

As a sixth form, we aim to provide students with the opportunities to sample different kinds of courses and future careers, such as attending the annual UCAS convention and promoting various ‘taster days’.  However, there is a great deal of information out there and countless opportunities; we cannot possibly cover everything in school. Therefore, whatever students’ aspirations, it is essential that they are proactive about finding out the facts and researching opportunities for themselves; we can provide advice and make suggestions but, ultimately, the decision is theirs.

In order to help them make the right decisions, students also have access to personalised advice and guidance, from both their form tutor and the Post-16 Guidance Manager. Sixth form students can also request a meeting with an independent qualified careers advisor, who provides impartial advice and guidance; these appointments are allocated based on need.

Approximately 85% of our sixth form students opt to apply to university through UCAS. Therefore, a considerable emphasis is placed on this process, which begins in the Spring term of Year 12. We have a great deal of experience in supporting the UCAS process and take great pride in helping students ensure that their applications are as strong as possible. As a result, we have an excellent track record of students securing places for high demand and competitive courses, with the vast majority of students receiving the offers they aspire to. Students who choose not to apply to university receive more tailored support to help them source and secure the opportunities they desire.

Both entry to Higher Education courses and access to the post-sixth form job market are more competitive than ever before.  Whatever students’ chosen routes, they will need to be proactive and ultimately aim to obtain the best possible examination results in order to persuade institutions and employers to accept them.

Next Steps at 18 Information Evening – Date to be confirmed for 2020

This evening is designed to outline some of the issues which need to be considered when students are selecting the education, employment or training pathways to follow from the age of 18 onwards.  The  presentation that can be downloaded below cover topics such as:

  • recent employment statistics
  • Higher Education options
  • student finance
  • the UCAS application process.