Meet the Team

Mr Mackintosh

Senior Deputy Headteacher – Standards  

My role is to oversee ‘standards’ across the school.  I am passionate about making a difference to young people through ensuring we have high standards across our whole curriculum.  

Our unwavering standards underpin our ability to ensure students develop, flourish and enhance their individual character. I am extremely proud of the standards our young people exhibit both inside and outside of the classroom. 

I am also designated safeguarding lead and dedicated to ensuring high standards (both in school and within the wider community) for the wellbeing and safety of all of our students.       


Mr Vincent

Senior Deputy Headteacher – Ethos  

The ‘ethos’ of a school is what it ‘feels’ like. It is the atmosphere and the lived experience for students, parents/carers and staff. It is who we are, who we want to be, what we believe in and how we can make a difference in our community and beyond. 

My role is to ensure that our Whole Curriculum enables and empowers every student to have high expectations of themselves and ambitious aspirations for their future.  We want our young people to live by our PRIDE values and be proud of their school and their achievements as they become young people and adults of character. 


Mr Munro 

Deputy Headteacher: – Quality of Education: Curriculum  

My focus is on ensuring the highest quality of education for all of our students through our Formal Curriculum.  

We aim to empower every student to see beyond the everyday and construct meanings about the world they live in – enabling them to apply this learning in school, through success in qualifications, and beyond, both now and in the future. 

My role is to ensure that every student is accessing and successfully learning powerful knowledge and powerful understanding. 


Mrs Firth

Deputy Headteacher – Quality of Education: Teaching and professional learning 

We want our students to develop a life-long love of learning, feel proud of what they achieve, be ambitious for their future and have the tools to overcome challenges in order to achieve their potential. 

Our aim is to provide students with a quality education, one where both the Formal and Wider Curriculum come together to give students the best learning experience possible. 

My role is to oversee and develop all aspects of teaching and learning, helping to create a positive classroom culture that allows all students to achieve their personal best.  I am fully committed to ensuring that the quality of teaching and learning is consistently excellent throughout the school. 


Mr Jones

Director of Student Services 

The Student Services Team aims to provide a healthy, safe, mutually respectful environment in which students participate, are happy, have individual needs met and are challenged to achieve something special. At the forefront of our daily ethos is the mantra of ‘The Wilmslow Way’ 

My role is to lead and support the four House teams and their tutors to ensure that students aspire to achieve the highest standards of behaviour, achievement and attendance.  

I am committed to students learning within a calm and purposeful environment which values achievement, encourages students to develop their full potential and recognises individual success. 


Mr Spence

Assistant Headteacher – Wider Curriculum  

Our Wider Curriculum seeks to develop well-informed, healthy and caring Young People of Character who will flourish in life, learning and work. 

We aim to empower every student to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to lead safe, happy and fulfilling lives and to make a positive contribution to their community. 

My role is to ensure that students receive a powerful Wider Curriculum provision that encourages them to be respectful, tolerant and active citizens, who can form and evaluate their own opinions, whilst accepting those of others. We want all students to get involved with the range of additional opportunities available to them in school: to do more, be more and aim higher. 



Mr Williams

Assistant Headteacher – Sixth Form  

The Sixth Form at Wilmslow High offers an education in the widest sense.  In addition to academic courses, we provide an enrichment programme, together with support and guidance for students’ future educational needs and a supportive pastoral support structure.  

There are opportunities for students to develop personal and social skills as well as to pursue their own interests, to discover new talents and work with others through extra-curricular activities and community service, ensuring that the Sixth Form makes a real contribution across the school. 

My role is to drive excellence in Sixth Form provision, student engagement and achievement across the Whole Curriculum. In what is possibly the most exciting phase of students’ education, the Sixth Form team provides a structured and supportive environment in which students can thrive. 


Mr MacHugh

Assistant Headteacher – Raising Attainment 

Raising attainment means improving life chances. 

My role is to drive excellence for all of our students, guiding students to make good choices that will open doors for them in later life. 

I work with Curriculum Teams to provide additional academic support for students with a focus on closing learning gaps and building confidence. I also work with whole-school teams to identify students who need various levels of support, so that no student is left behind. 


Miss George

Senior Lead – Quality Assurance 

Quality Assurance ensures that work enables students to achieve the aims and ambitions of the curriculum. This will involve looking at the structure of the curriculum and also to what degree students are participating.  

In my role, I will be especially interested in reviewing the quality of work in books and folders, as this is a key indicator of whether a student is working hard enough, learning more and knowing more. I will also be supporting all students to help them produce work of the very highest quality.   


Mr Allcock

Senior Lead – Data, systems and timetable 

The Data and Timetable Team aims to support the school with strong efficient systems that ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations. 

My focus is to ensure that our timetable operates in the most effective way so that all our students are in the right place, with the right teacher, at the right time, each and every day.  

Another area of focus is to provide teachers, support staff and school leaders with meaningful data about our students so that we can ensure they are maximising their potential. As a computer scientist, I am passionate about efficient and effective systems. I work closely with a number of the Leadership Team to ensure that our systems support the school with our strategic improvement priorities. 


Mr Crookes

School Business Manager 

Our commitment to a powerful whole curriculum means that a wide range of purposeful activities take place at school every day.  Most of these activities directly involve students and staff but others involve parents, visitors, external agencies, maintenance contractors and other partners. 

I lead a number of teams of dedicated colleagues who ensure that we have strong, safe and effective systems for managing the safety of all on the site, its day-to-day and long term condition and our statutory H&S responsibilities.  We are also very closely involved in the management of the school expansion project. 

Our strategic school improvement priorities are best achieved when financial and physical resources are well-managed, well-understood, and intentionally targeted.  My role as finance, legal, H&S and insurance lead is to ensure that colleagues are enabled and resourced to carry out school improvement priorities whilst complying with relevant guidance and legislation. 


Mr Astley

Senior Leader – ICT and Network Operations 

The ICT Team plays a key role facilitating, providing, and supporting new technologies, with the objective to integrate, foster, and promote the development of imagination, creativity, and innovation in students, teachers, and staff. 

We strive to provide a friendly, easily accessible, plain-speaking helpdesk for any IT issues and advice.   

My role is to develop and deliver the school’s ICT strategy along with leading the ICT department.   

As Data Protection Officer for the school, I am also responsible for GDPR compliance and ensure that we take all aspects of data protection extremely seriously.