Please note that in line with the government guidance we are requesting that all visitors to Printworks, the Express Pop-Up Shop or Second-hand Uniform Shop, wear a face covering. 

It is vitally important that all of our students attend school smartly dressed. We therefore expect all students to adhere to the school dress code. 

We are frequently complimented on how good our students look in the community and we see no reason why this should not continue to be the case. Consequently students are expected to come to and go home from school in full uniform.  

Wearing PE kit to school (on PE days) from September 2021

During the period of the Covid-19 pandemic we have not been using the changing rooms, as a whole class cannot use them and remain socially distanced. As a result, currently all students travel to and from school in their PE kit on the days that they have PE lessons.

This has been popular because it has brought extra benefits such as increasing the amount of PE lesson time spent on activities rather than on getting changed at the beginning and end of the lesson.

From September 2021, as you may be aware, work will start on our £12 million building programme designed to upgrade our specialist facilities, add classrooms and improve the social areas around school. As this will also put changing room space under pressure for 12 months, we have decided to maintain the following uniform/PE kit arrangements from September onwards (please note that a blazer must be worn with PE kit by all students):

  • Wear PE kit to school on PE lesson days: all students will travel to and from school in their WHS PE kit (and stay in kit for the duration of the day) on days when they have a practical PE lesson, or when they plan to attend an after-school extra- curricular sports practice
  • Changing space available after lessons if requested: all students will have the opportunity to change into spare WHS PE kit or their school uniform after their PE lesson, if they wish to, although the majority of students choose to stay in their PE kit for the duration of the day
  • Blazers to be worn every day: on days when students wear their PE kit, a blazer must also be worn over the PE kit – this is a compulsory item to be worn on every day of the week
  • Only PE kit items detailed on the school website can be worn: the exception being non-WHS plain black tracksuit trousers. Girls may choose to wear black leggings (which are sold in Printworks).
  • Girls can wear the WHS ‘skort’, WHS shorts or WHS leggings for PE lessons
  • Hooded tops (as a coat or a PE item) and sweatshirts are not permitted to be worn to school or for PE lessons: students who own a WHS branded hooded top or sweatshirt can only wear these items at after-school practices, not around school or in PE lessons.

School uniform: Who to contact?  

‘Express Uniform’ are our appointed supplier for school uniform. All items will be sold online only until further guidance is received from the government. If you place an order, orders will be delivered directly to your home address.  

The website address to access the school uniform is: https://www.expressuniform.co.uk/product-category/school-uniform/wilmslow-high-school 

This link will take you to a picture and price list for the uniform required here at Wilmslow High School (picture overview shown below)You can also email express uniform directly for more informationcontact@expressuniform.co.uk. 


Second Hand Uniform Shop  

The second-hand uniform shop is available through school. For more information please call Anne Fearn 07706 779248.  

Secondhand Uniform Summer Break Opening Hours 2021

For any general uniform enquiries, contact Mrs Williams on swilliams@wilmslowhigh.com 

Please find below a summary of the uniform that is required for starting Wilmslow High School.  

Uniform Summary

Boys and Girls
Uniform Card – Student are expected to carry a uniform card with them at all times. Failure to follow the school dress code will result in an appropriate sanction. Black regulation blazer with school crest
Years 7-11 compulsory
Blazers should be worn at all times unless permission is given to remove them.
Maroon V-neck sweater with school crest with sleeves or sleeveless
Years 7-11 compulsory, jumpers are to be worn at all times with the blazer, unless permission is given to remove them in extreme hot weather.
Maroon with house colour clip-on tie
Years 7-11, compulsory
Plain white shirt with collar, long or short sleeved
Years 7-11, compulsory
Black regulation outdoor coat 
Years 7-11, optional.  Outdoor coats worn must be plain black, no large logos.
Hoodies, gilets and leather/leather-look jackets and coats are not permitted.
Sensible plain black shoes
(No trainers or canvas shoes)
Black regulation style tailored trousersBlack/maroon regulation reasonable length kilt-style skirt
Year 7-11 compulsory
Girls in Years 7-11 may wear black regulation trousers if they prefer
Socks – plain black, not trainer socksSocks or tights (not both) – plain black, not trainer socks

General notes on appearance

Jewellery is not permitted with the exception of watches. Girls may wear two small gold or silver studs, one in each ear lobe. Extreme hairstyles (both too short and too long) should not be worn. Make-up and nail polish should not be worn. The final decision concerning the appropriateness or otherwise of any aspect of school dress or appearance will rest with the Heads of House and Student Managers. 

Express Uniform Ltd
8-10 Gatley Road

Tel: 01625 754 888

Email: marnie@expressuniform.co.uk

Website: www.expressuniform.co.uk


PE Kit – arrangements for purchasing Sports Kit 2021

You will find information below regarding which PE kit is needed for boys and girls.  Some of it is compulsory and some of it is optional.

PE Kit Flier 2021

Also, on the link below, please find the Order Form for PE kit.  If you are confident of your child’s size, you can print off the order, fill it in at home and ask your child to bring it with them when they visit PrintWorks. Alternatively, we will be happy to help them with choosing the correct size.


Students now have full access to The PrintWorks at break, lunchtimes and after school, during which time they can purchase PE kit themselves. We can take payment by cash, cheque or card (no payments can be taken over the phone). If preferred, parents can call in themselves to purchase PE kit on behalf of the students. We are open Tuesday to Friday 9.30am – 3.30pm in the holidays and during school hours in term time.

Please note: no email orders will be processed.

Checklist of compulsory and optional PE kit items


Compulsory Items


Compulsory Items

Reversible WHS outdoor games shirt with school crest (black/maroon with white trim)Black and maroon WHS hooped hockey socks with white trim
Black outdoor shorts with school crestBlack WHS polo shirt with maroon trim and school crest
Black and maroon WHS hooped rugby/ football socks with white trimBlack WHS skort or WHS shorts with maroon trim and school crest
Black WHS polo shirt with maroon trim and school crestWhite indoor socks
Black WHS indoor shorts with maroon trim and school crestNon-marking trainers
White indoor socks
Rugby/football boots and non- marking trainers


Optional Items


Optional Items

Black/maroon WHS Performance Top with school crestBlack WHS leggings or plain black tracksuit trousers
Black skins that can be worn underneath shorts/tops in cold conditionsBlack skins that can be worn underneath shorts/tops in cold conditions
Plain black tracksuit trousersBlack/maroon WHS Performance Top with school crest