School Performance

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 Performance at Key Stage 4  

Performance Measure201820192020*2021*20222023
Progress 8 Score+0.23+0.3**+0.22-0.06
Attainment 8 Score55.854.5**54.550.74
EBacc Average Point Score4.944.78**4.714.39
Percentage of pupils entering EBacc33%31%**27%23%
Student achieving Grade 4 or above in English and Mathematics GCSE’s82%78%83%88%76%78%
Student achieving Grade 5 or above in English and Mathematics GCSE’s63%58%61%72%56%58%
Students achieving 5 Grade 4 GCSEs or above including English and Maths80%76%79%84%72%75%
Students in Education or Employment for 2 terms after the end of KS495%*95%94%95%

*Limited performance data available due to Covid-19 

Highlights for September 2023 

  • 4 students achieved 6 or more grade 9’s in their GCSE results
  • A further 23 students achieved grade 7+ in all their GCSE qualifications
  • 64% of all entries graded as ‘strong pass’ or higher

Performance at Key Stage 5  

Performance Measure201820192020*2021*20222023
Level 3 Value Added0.01-0.09**
Overall Progress in Applied General Qualifications0.020.4**
Average Grade achieved by studentsC+C+**BB-
Average Points per student33.8034.42**38.8336.98
Students progressing to education or employment94%89%79%89%88%

*Limited performance data available due to Covid-19 

Highlights for September 2023: 

  • 5 students achieved all A*’s in their A Level results
  • A further 22 students achieved grades AAB or higher
  • 29% of all entries graded A* or A with 79% graded A*-C

Further school performance information is available here