Student Services

Who’s who within Student Services?

The Student Services Team is led, managed and coordinated by:

Mr S Mackintosh – Assistant Headteacher –

Supporting the leadership of Student Services is:

Mr D Jones – Senior Leader for Extended Student Services –

Mr M Bebbington – Student Services Lead for Behaviour for Learning –

Mr D Conley – Student Services Lead for Learning & Achievement –

Form tutors often are the first point of contact on many issues with communication by means of a note in the Student Planner.

Heads of House and Student Managers within Student Services are also likely to be a point of contact on overall progress and general issues.

The Heads of House are:

·        Bollin – Mrs K White  –

·        Harefield -Mr S Naylor –

·        Norcliffe – Miss K Wynne –

·        Thorngrove – Mr J Duffy –

Each Head of House is supported by a Student Manager.

They are

·        Bollin – Mrs Y Mackay

·        Harefield – Miss S Gregory

·        Norcliffe – Mrs A Powell  /  Mrs N Burgess

·        Thorngrove – Mrs S Williams