The School Day


8:00 Students can arrive on site from 8:00am and wait in their designated social spaces.
8:15 From 8:15am duty staff will direct students to their tutor bases ready for registration at 8.45am
  Formal start to the School Day:
08:35 Bell for start of duty times
08:45 Bell for am registration starting
09:00 Bell for movement to P1
09:05 Bell for start of P1
10:05 Bell for movement to period 2
10:07 Bell for start of P2
11:07 Bell for break
11:22 Bell for movement to Period 3
11:25 Bell for start of P3
12:25 Bell for lunch
12:55 Bell for movement to P4
13:00 Bell for start of P4
14:00 Bell for movement to period 5
14:02 Bell for start of P5
15:02 Bell for movement to pm registration
15:05 Bell for pm registration starting
15:10 Bell to indicate tutors may dismiss students