Pupil Premium & Catch-up Premium

What does the Pupil Premium initiative aim to achieve?

The pupil premium grant is funding provided to schools to raise the attainment of disadvantaged students.

Wilmslow High School will receive an amount of money for each student of compulsory school age who fits the eligibility criteria. There are five categories of eligible student. Each category attracts a different amount of funding.


The grant is allocated in line with the financial year, which begins in April. Each year’s allocations are based on data from the previous January’s census. If an eligible student joins after the January census, the school will not receive pupil premium funding for him/her until the following year.

Spending the grant

The grant can be spent as the school sees fit, as long as it is used to demonstrably improve the attainment of eligible students. Schools do not need to spend an equal amount on each student, or use the money for interventions that benefit only eligible students.

How is Wilmslow High School working to achieve the aims of the Pupil Premium initiative?

Our aim is the pursuit of excellence for every student, every day, which will see each and every one of our students participating fully and performing highly throughout a rich and deep curriculum.  We are also committed to developing our students as Young People of Character.

Therefore, at Wilmslow High School we use our Pupil Premium funding to:

  • Encourage full participation by eligible students in our whole curriculum
  • Improve the performance of eligible students
  • Develop eligible students as Young People of Character

We will measure our success in the achievement of high performance by all groups of students in the following three dimensions:

  • Academic attainment and progress that are significantly above average by 2019
  • Interpersonal skills and qualities that are widely recognised as exemplary
  • Our students’ ability to produce highly effective responses to a wide range of competitions, projects and tasks

We recognise that students eligible for Pupil Premium all have individual needs and we aim to use our Pupil Premium funding to meet the needs we have identified including:

  • Supporting academic performance
  • Supporting participation in our whole curriculum
  • Increasing engagement with the school community
  • Supporting aspiration

Who is eligible for Pupil Premium Funding?

The government gives Pupil Premium money to schools to raise the attainment of students who are eligible for Pupil Premium spending. This includes:

  • Students who have been on Free School Meals at any point in the last 6 years
  • Students who have been adopted from care
  • Students who have been looked after children at any point
  • Students who are recorded as ‘ever 6’ service children

Details of our Pupil Premium spending can be found in the following documents:

Who should I contact if I want to find out more?

In response to feedback from parent voice and from our Pupil Premium Review, a member of the administration team has taken on the role of Pupil Premium Administrator and is the advertised first point of contact for all Pupil Premium queries.

Mrs Challis (Pupil Premium Administrator) can be contacted on:

lchallis@wilmslowhigh.cheshire.sch.uk or on 01625 444159

Applying for Free School Meals

Due to the ongoing digitalisation of processes with Cheshire East, the paper Free School Meals & Pupil Premium application forms should no longer be used. All applications for both need to be made online or by phone.

If you think that your may qualify for free school meals or for Pupil Premium, Please apply for FSM or PP Online at www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/fsm or by telephone on 0300 123 5012.

Catch-up Premium

Catch up Premium Report on Spend

Our approach to improving the performance of students, particularly those disadvantaged by deprivation, low prior attainment or special educational needs is constantly developing. We adopt a thorough, holistic approach which is both demanding of students and supportive of their needs. Increasingly we require students to commit additional time and effort in return for the help and support we offer.  This is because we know that learning results from the effort and thinking that students put in; increased effort from staff will not help students if it does not produce a change in their own thinking and learning behaviour.

If you think your child needs more support to ensure they make the best progress at school, please contact their Head of House or Student Manager in the first instance.