Assessment and Reporting

How do we communicate with our parents/ carers about our students’ learning?

At Wilmslow High School we want to work with our parents/ carers to support the learning of our students.  We therefore maintain a range of communication regarding student learning.

Expectations Evenings

We use Expectations Evenings to share with our parents and carers the thinking behind our teaching and assessment.

Expectations Evenings can apply both across year groups when focused on effective teaching, learning and retrieval, and within year groups when focused on the teaching and assessment schedule for a particular year group.

During the period of Covid restrictions our Expectations Evenings took the form of videos.

The Expectations Evenings videos on how to support your son/daughter with their learning can be found at this link.

Smart Learning

We want our parents and carers to understand how effective learning and retrieval occur so that they can best support their children.  You can find information on Smart Learning here.

Assessment and Assessment Certificates

Information on how we use assessment at Wilmslow High School can be found at this link.

Parents’ Evenings

Information on Parents Evenings can be found at this link.


How will I know if my child is falling behind?

This year we are regularly monitoring the learning routines of our students and building feedback on this into our reporting.  If we are concerned that your child is doing ‘just enough’ or ‘not enough’ in terms of:

  • attention in lessons
  • deliberate practice in classwork of homework

we will let you know so that we can work together to address this.

Who should I contact if I want to find out more?

Minor academic concerns

The first point of contact for minor concerns is your child’s subject teacher for a specific subject concern or their form tutor for a more general minor academic concern.

More serious academic concerns

For more serious subject concerns please contact the relevant Curriculum Team Leader. See our ‘who to contact’ page.

For more serious general academic concerns please contact your child’s Head of House or the Director of Sixth Form.

For the following specific concerns see below:

ConcernStaff contactEmail address
I am concerned about my child’s preparation for Year 11 examsMr
I am concerned about my child’s preparation for Year 13 examsMr
I am concerned about my child’s learning routinesMr
I am concerned about my child’s reading or writing fluencyMr